WWE: A Bloodline fatal four-way would be a huge matchup

WORCESTER - Roman Reigns and The Usos raise their respective championship titles in the ring during "WWE Friday Night SmackDown" at the DCU Center, Friday, Oct. 7, 2022.Wwesmackdown Tg 06
WORCESTER - Roman Reigns and The Usos raise their respective championship titles in the ring during "WWE Friday Night SmackDown" at the DCU Center, Friday, Oct. 7, 2022.Wwesmackdown Tg 06 /

Could The Bloodline story include a match in the future where the four family members are pitted against one another at a WWE PLE?

The Bloodline crumbled when Jey Uso decided to side with his twin brother Jimmy Uso and superkick Roman Reigns on Smackdown. The next day, WWE announced that at Money in the Bank it will be the Usos vs Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. The tag team match was great especially when Jey pinned Roman to win the match. But what’s next? They could always do Jey vs Roman at Summerslam with the Undisputed WWE Universal title on the line.

Another match they could do is Jimmy vs Jey vs Roman vs Solo in a fatal four-way for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship at Summerslam instead. If they do the bloodline four-way match, it will be a huge matchup for WWE.

Why is the Bloodline four-way a potential big matchup for WWE?

It’s a huge match because of the Bloodline story. This story is the biggest story in wrestling today. And we are in the next chapter of the story when The Uso’s left the group. After Money in the Bank, they can go many ways in this story for Summerslam. And whatever decisions they go at Summerslam make sense whether it’s Jey vs Roman or the Bloodline four-way.

But the match to go with at Summerslam is the Bloodline four-way because that will extend the Bloodline story. The Usos beat Roman and Solo at Money in the Bank. Jey is the first wrestler to pin Roman since Baron Corbin back in Dec. 2019.

This gives Jey an automatic Undisputed WWE Universal title match since he pinned the champion. Jimmy also has a right to also be in this match since his team won. And Solo can be added to the match in two ways.

The first way to add Solo to the match is to have Roman berate and degrade him for getting up in time to stop the pin between now and Summerslam until Solo has enough and decides to leave Roman and gets himself to the match to make it a fatal four-way.

Another way to get Solo in the match is to have Roman recommends adding Solo so he can help Roman win the match. But instead of Solo willingly helping Roman, we see him having doubts and thinking of winning the title until he ends up helping Roman retain his title.

What could WWE do after Summerslam?

Everyone knows Roman isn’t losing his title anytime soon. Not at least till WrestleMania 40. But he still needs opponents to wrestle. The Bloodline four-way sets up the next couple of matches for Roman after Summerslam.

At Payback Roman should face Jey because it would be three years since Roman won the Universal title against Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt. His first title defense was against Jey at Clash of Champions. This would be a full-circle moment since the Bloodline story started at Clash of Champions. A month later, Jey was forced to align with Roman and Paul Heyman since he lost at Hell in the Cell.

After Roman beats Jey, he can defend his title against Jimmy the next month at Fastlane. And then you build the story of Solo having enough of helping Roman and do the match between Roman and Solo either at Survivor Series or at Royal Rumble.

It was a great moment for Jey Uso when he became the first person to pin Roman Reigns in almost four years. And at Summerslam, it will most likely be Jey vs Roman. But WWE should conder doing the Bloodline four-way match because it would be a huge match plus it extends the Bloodline story to a couple more months.

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