Should Logan Paul Win a Singles Title? Yes, He Should.


Fans should ready themselves to see Logan Paul reach some sort of singles championship in the WWE.

Logan Paul had a big weekend this past Saturday at Money in the Bank, ultimately coming up short in his bid to be this year’s Mr. Money in the Bank. The London crowds jeering aside, he proved he not only doesn’t suck, but should Logan Paul win a singles title in WWE, it would be a big hit. Before he returns to confront his long-running WWE rival Ricochet, Tripler H should have a serious conversation backstage. Whether he supported Logan Paul for Money in the Bank or not, his body of work and showing on Saturday has changed the calculus. The controversial celebrity is a proven talent and draw, so how do they get a title on him?

Truth be told, He is Good Enough

Should Logan Paul get a singles title in WWE can be broken down any number of ways. When it comes down to his ability when the bell rings, the answer is obviously yes. WWE likes to try and reward its talented performers with opportunities and accolades. Paul’s name and massive social media profile assure him of any opportunity he wants. His athleticism and solid ring psychology mean he’s earned something for the company beyond his enormous paycheck, and all WWE has is championships to offer the standout rookie at this point.

All of that was on full display Saturday. The way he worked with each star, providing everyone with an opportunity to take out the match’s main antagonist, was brilliant. Also, he and Ricochet continued their story of one-upmanship, and he even helped to save a blown and dangerous spot. Not a single other celebrity wrestler in any promotion could have pulled that off, and that is just how it is.

A vocal segment of the fan base hates this, to be sure. Looking at his match history, though, and this bears repeating, he is good enough to hold and defend a championship. All of his WWE matches have been exciting. Most have been downright good. Undoubtedly, some grading is on a curve, like other celebrity acts like Bad Bunny. His high-flying actions and heel antics in the ring, not outside of them, warrant at least a brief run a champion. That he’s earned this is only bolstered by the fact that it could help WWE out in a big way.

It Gives WWE Main Stream Attention

As a media company, WWE wants people to see their product. What is often seen as begging for mainstream attention is precisely that. WWE wants traditional media to cover its product for free to increase its brand awareness worldwide. Part of that strategy is the use of social media. Few people are better than Logan Paul for spreading content on social media. Getting him into WWE was a pretty sizeable story, but that hype has faded now that Paul is a semi-regular part of the roster. If WWE wants to utilize his instant virality, they must do something worth sharing on your social feeds.

Logan Paul winning any singles title would give WWE a moment worth sharing. Additionally, Logan Paul is present online and in public. Carrying his title around to even half of his public schedule could expose that title to more red carpets than any other belt in WWE’s history. Also, the red carpet and entertainment writers (no shame) are easy to predict. Every one of them will reference and question the massive golden strap on Paul’s shoulder, which gives Paul and WWE a shot to promote the product for free. Putting a title on a celebrity for the sake of exposure is a bad idea, generally. However, it becomes an easy decision when that celebrity proves they could have some entertaining title defenses. If he carries his title around, Logan Paul will do wonders for public awareness of WWE off-screen. That being said, there are reasons beyond marketing to give Paul a title.

It Would Help His Character

WWE has a weasel-heel champion on Smackdown in Austin Theory. Theory may have been the future in the plans that WWE made, but not even a feud with John Cena could get fans to care about his current title reign. While there is undoubtedly a way to revitalize Theory, WWE has room for somebody who excels at that role to join its champions page online. A superstar looks for the perfect opportunity to score and quickly runs away after the surprise is done. Logan Paul would fill that gap in the ideal blend of real-world and scripted television.

Paul is despised by fans either for his controversial past or his portrayal on Raw and Smackdown. Regardless, having him grab hold of a title and try and avoid confrontation to hold that title forever would infuriate fans and add more to the Logan Paul character than “controversial youtube millionaire.” Logan Paul should win a singles title because his outside persona will become less critical as he progresses in WWE. Being a part of the roster more consistently means he needs a more pro-wrestling gimmick to add to his television character. It may be a simple role, but it is well-tested and effective. That Paul so naturally fits into the stereotype makes it even better.

Should Logan Paul Win a Singles Title in WWE- Which One is it?

The main question coming out of another Logan Paul loss at a premium live event, something he often does, is which title should the internet star win? His in-ring record could be better, despite his well-received performances. After Money in the Bank, he has just one singles win in his career and two wins total. Additionally, he hasn’t won a match since SummerSlam last year. That does not sound like the resume for a future world champion if we are being honest. However, WWE champion Logan Paul has a ring to it. Which title Paul carries will likely amount to timing.

The main event of WWE is currently jam-packed with talented mainstays and prominent emerging superstars. Because of his status, Logan Paul has been used to create big matches and put over the current full-time performers. So if they wanted to give him a title soon, as soon as WrestleMania 40, it can’t be at the top of the card. However, patience is a virtue. If Logan Paul can get some big wins the rest of the year against the likes of Ricochet, Sheamus, and potentially John Cena, then by next summer, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see the internet’s favorite troll swaggering down to the ring draped in a world title.

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