Swerve is a talent that can put AEW on his back


Swerve has everything professional wrestlers need to reach superstar status and now AEW needs to give him the opportunity to reach that level. 

AEW is heading into the biggest event in professional wrestling history, All In. While debate about the card rages, there’s no debate about the level of talent on this show and within the promotion. There are several names that could find themselves heading into main event angles coming out of this showcase. But there’s one individual whose stock is undeniable and it’s time for AEW to find a way to get him into the title picture. That man is none other than Swerve.

When Swerve made his first appearance for AEW at AEW Revolution in March 2022, fans knew that the company picked a talented performer. Those who may have been slightly less familiar with his pre-WWE run heard there was a lot of buzz about this big signing. A year later, Swerve has lived up to that talent and it’s time for AEW to slot him into a position worthy of that skill set.

If AEW was a sports team, Swerve would be what is considered a “five-tool” player. Every aspect of the job he can do. In-ring abilities? Amazing. Personality? Fantastic. Character Presentation? Top notch. Abilities with the microphone? Can hang with anyone. He checks all the boxes. So, why are some questioning his utilization in AEW to date? That’s a more difficult and nuanced conversation.

Swerve and AR Fox will take on Darby Allin and Sting in a tag team coffin match at the PPV. Expectations are this will be a ridiculous match that leaves the crowd cheering and on their feet. Look at everything all four men have done in AEW and there’s plenty to point to that justifies this expectation. Swerve’s recent storyline continues the “history” between him, Fox, Allin, and AEW’s top prospect, Nick Wayne. It’s a featured spot that gets television time every single week – which is a far cry from what other members of the roster experience. Swerve is thriving as a dastardly heel, highlighting all those checkpoints mentioned in the paragraph above. So again, why are some asking, “What is AEW doing with Swerve?”

On the one hand, there’s the disingenuous bunch raising this question. Those individuals with platforms that seek to discredit all things either company does for the sake of tribalism. Those are the voices that should be ignored with the fervor of a former lover who is completely over their ex’s BS.

But then there’s the other conversation from fans wanting to see AEW highlight someone like Swerve in the main event. Yes, fans still want to see AEW push a Black male wrestler as the company’s central star. The debate has died down since earlier days, but there are still many who wonder who the first Black man will be to hold the AEW World Championship and when will that moment come. The roster is packed with talent that would rise to the occasion. Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, Keith Lee, and Swerve are just a few of the names. Unfortunately, fans continue to see the stop-and-start with these individuals that come right when their momentum seems to be heading in the right direction. It’s a common issue with AEW booking that has also hindered individuals like Daniel Garcia, but it, unfortunately, seems to happen more frequently with the individuals mentioned above.

Hobbs and Scorpio Sky are the two Black men to reach single championship status, both claiming the AEW TNT Championship, but neither holding it for more than 45 days. Hobbs is heading into a big match against Miro at AEW All Out, which should help him gain some of the momentum he lost in recent months.

Then there’s Swerve. Again, he checks all the boxes of what makes a professional wrestler excel at their job. He’s playing a quality heel character, but he can easily operate as a babyface within his current skillset. How does he get to the AEW title picture and when? And would AEW put the same momentum behind him as done with other champions? Those are the big questions that he presents and hopefully will be answered with massive success.

Swerve is a talented performer on a roster full of talented stars. Here’s to hoping AEW fully leverages his skills in a way that shows the world he’s who his fans say he is and that it happens sooner, rather than much later.

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