The drama around CM Punk must come to an end


AEW once again couldn’t get past a milestone event without CM Punk outshining the pay-per-view product with more backstage antics. This time around the incident involved a backstage altercation between Punk and Jack Perry at All In, according to Fightful Select.

Outlets reported issues between Jack Perry and CM Punk surrounding the use of real glass for a spot with a car. At All In, Perry was slammed into the glass windshield of a limousine. This situation led to a backstage altercation that turned physical during the live broadcast with the two men needing to be separated.

For someone who bladed themselves less than an hour later in their match, CM Punk really has no reason to be mad. Even if he did have a reason to be frustrated with Perry for saying, “Real glass. Go cry me a river”, he shouldn’t have gotten physical with him. For someone who is a veteran of the business and has dealt with a very large pool of talent throughout his career, you would think he would be better at taking the high road.

AEW just had its biggest event ever, and with the announced attendance broke the record for the largest paid attendance in wrestling history. What is the story in the days after the fact? Which side of the Perry and Punk altercation is the truth? This is a massive problem and needs to be stopped because this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

Sure, Punk is a huge draw and is the main star of Collision for the company, but at this point, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. There are reports of some members of the locker room not being allowed at shows where he’s present. Punk’s ego is lessening the company’s product. Tony Khan responded with suspensions after Brawl Out and outlets have reported that both Punk and Perry were suspended after this confrontation. Imagine if the whole AEW locker room could face each other with almost no issues, the product would be better.

The Punk news exists strictly in a bubble but a common viewer of the AEW product that doesn’t follow the dirt sheets probably has no idea. The damage isn’t massive in that sense, but it’s enough that a dark cloud is constantly hanging over the AEW product. We can’t keep going down this same road of “This is a huge moment for the wrestling industry, but CM Punk is involved in another altercation again.”

AEW existed and thrived before Punk, and without his drama, it would thrive again.

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