The 2023 edition of WarGames should feature a unique twist


An intergender WarGames match featuring The Judgement Day would be a big moment in what has been a massive year for the faction. 

The Judgement Day is the focal point of WWE Monday Night Raw. The group carries nearly all the gold, and when you throw in Damian Priest’s Money in the Bank briefcase, that elevates their threat to another level. As WWE Survivor Series approaches, WarGames looms as a potential big main event. If The Judgement Day versus an amalgamation of fan favorites from WWE Raw would be a great match, WWE should take the moment to throw in a unique twist this year to create an intergender WarGames match.

Rhea Ripley is almost the de facto leader of The Judgement Day. Her presence raises the group to a new level and seeing her wear that leadership position suits her rise to the top of the women’s division well. She continues to get involved in their matches, consistently hiding behind the guise that none of the men on the roster would hit her. (Thankfully Randy Orton isn’t around to hit an RKO without hesitation). But what if this year’s WarGames completely took that out of the equation?

The solution is quite simple. Force Ripley to be in the WarGames match and the opposing team must choose a woman to offset her. That would be a great way to either keep the feud with Raquel Rodriguez going – as they’ve faced each other in a WarGames match during their time in NXT – or even welcome back a returning Liv Morgan as an addition to the opposite team. WWE needs to find ways to present the women’s roster as big stars akin to their male counterparts and putting them into a match like this with massive main event stakes would be something to behold.

Now, this doesn’t mean that WWE would have to forgo the women’s division having their own WarGames match on the same show. With a stacked roster on both Raw and SmackDown, the company should find a way to book their own match with plenty of angles within it. Featuring women in a main event angle shouldn’t take away from the rest of the division. In fact, it should elevate the entire group.

Seeing women and men standing together in the WarGames match at Survivor Series this year would be huge. It would be interesting to see WWE bring a new twist to this style of match and continue to build The Judgement Day as a major faction in an era where faction wrestling is back at the top.

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