The Judgment Day vs. Who in Survivor Series WarGames?


If The Judgement Day are the focal point heading into Survivor Series and WarGames, who should stand across from them?

With the Survivor Series coming up this fall, the direction WWE is going with for this historic event is still unknown. Usually, the Survivor Series holds yearly traditional elimination matches between two teams. Last year, the WWE decided to do something different by issuing the classic WCW concept, WarGames, where two teams with four or five members fight inside a cage with two rings together. If WWE decides to have another WarGames event, it should feature WWE’s top faction, Judgment Day.

For months, there has been friction in The Judgment Day as Finn Bálor and Damian Priest failed to see eye to eye with one another. Now that they won tag team gold, the team is now an unstoppable force once again. With WarGames possibly happening, Finn and Damian could have Dominik Mysterio and the outsider of the group, JD McDonagh with them to go to war with their possible rivals. McDonagh, an old friend of Bálor, has had issues with the rest of the members, including Rhea Ripley. McDonagh can earn the entire group’s trust if he can successfully align with them.

As for who can go against The Judgment Day, they can go against the top RAW guys that the team has been targeting as of late. Two of the four opponents could be Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Due to Bálor and Priest beating Owens and Zayn for the tag team titles, there’s some unfinished business. Another person who could align with Owens and Zayn is Jey Uso.

Last week, Jey and Zayn finally made peace with one another after their historic story with The Bloodline. The only conflict that Jey could face is dealing with Owens, who may still resent Jey for being one of the reasons he is not the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Jey could also face a dilemma as Dominik also tried to bring Jey to Judgment Day. With Jey possibly having a decision to make, he should make amends with Owens to help even the battlefield.

The final member that could join Owens, Zayn, and Jey, is Cody Rhodes. It was Rhodes who pulled the strings in bringing Jey to RAW. Rhodes could be the captain, who tries to get Owens and Jey on the same page so they can beat Judgment Day. A men’s WarGames led by Rhodes against The Judgment Day could be another way to elevate his momentum in finishing the story.

Do you believe that Survivor Series will host another WarGames event? If so, which teams should be involved? Leave your comments below.

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