Jade Cargill should skip NXT and go right to the main roster


WWE should push Jade Cargill to the main roster immediately rather than sending her to NXT to start her run.

Anytime a new free agent signs with WWE, it is always interesting to see whether WWE will send them to NXT to get more developmental work, or if they get sent right to the main roster. The case of Jade Cargill is no different.

Although Cargill seems like such a star already, it is easy to admit she is still overall very green in the business of professional wrestling. That might seem like enough reason in and of itself to send her to developmental, but she should skip NXT and head right toward the main roster.

“Developmental” talent that is signed to the company doesn’t get posts made about them on social media and doesn’t have ESPN reporting their signing. This is why Jade is the exception. She may not be 100% there on the mic yet, or even 70% there in terms of being a good in-ring performance, but her presence is unmatched.

WWE would be silly to put someone who looks like a real-life superhero, not in front of the most viewers they could possibly get right off the bat. To exist as a star in WWE you don’t have to be even considered “good” in the ring today, a superstar can operate strictly on aura.

While you could coach Cargill up a little more in the ring, it seems like wasted time to have her down in NXT. If you put her in enough main roster matches at the beginning of her WWE career to build her up, the audience can watch her grow in front of our very eyes. How much is there more to learn anyway, she was getting coached by Bryan Danielson after all.

Cargill is levels above just about anybody else down in NXT in regard to recognizability, which is something you can give credit to AEW for making. What other superstar’s name has been number one trending on Twitter in NXT? I can’t remember one off the top of my head.

Jade is a fresh face that is undeniably needed right now in a women’s division that oftentimes feels like it is just spinning round and round in circles. She can provide a real must-watch potential, that otherwise is generally left out of the women’s division. For me, I rarely watch Raw during football season, but if Jade Cargill is going to be on there, I’m going out of my way to watch that.

If WWE is going to be paying Cargill big money to sign on with the company, they shouldn’t be wasting her time making her 100% perfect. Let Jade be Jade on the main roster, and the fans will have no choice but to be infatuated with her work.

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