Blair Davenport is the woman to defeat Becky Lynch in NXT


Blair Davenport has a wealth of experience and talent at a time in NXT when the brand needs more women like her. 

The WWE NXT Women’s Division is surging. While it was already gaining steam thanks to being featured strongly on weekly television, the return of Becky Lynch to the brand pushed this group over the top. With several excellent young talents ready to make that jump, there are several names to look at as key pieces for the future of the division. But Blair Davenport’s time is now. She’s up next for this group and is the right woman to defeat Becky Lynch for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship.

Davenport’s signing to WWE came as a surprise. After stints wrestling in organizations like Progress and Stardom, she joined AEW in 2019. That run came to a sudden end in August 2020 when she was unable to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions. Many speculated that the real-life heat she had with Britt Baker attributed to that decision, as Blair Davenport concussed Baker with a kick to the back of the head and Baker openly called her “unprofessional.”

Fast forward to 2023, and Blair Davenport is making her way up the NXT roster. She’s picked up wins over Roxanne Perez and Kelani Jordan, while frequently getting time in featured angles. As the two-day Halloween Havoc approaches, fans should expect that she and Gigi Dolin will have some type of stipulation match to bring an end to their feud.

But what comes next? Davenport should be set up as the woman to take the title off Lynch. No one knows how long Lynch’s run in NXT will continue, but Fightful has reported that her WWE contract is set to expire at some point in 2024. At some point, she must drop that championship to someone in NXT and that woman is going to get a big boost. Especially if highlighting the brand on the main roster continues. Davenport has a decade of experience in the ring, which is rare among the ladies in NXT. With that type of foundation, she’s someone that the division can be built around while the rest of the group catches up. Women like Sol Ruca, Cora Jade, Lola Vice, Kelani Jordan, and others could use an additional name at the top of the roster with years in the game to work with and Davenport can fill that void.

Becky Lynch’s time in NXT boosts not only the women’s division but the brand entirely. The weekly ratings and reactions from fans prove that point. If that rub is going to translate to another lady, Blair Davenport is the right woman to give that torch to take it into the next phase.

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