GUNTHER versus Bronson Reed is a big match for WWE Raw


Bronson Reed versus GUNTHER is a major draw for the upcoming episode of WWE Raw

WWE’s weekly content has turned a corner, with several moments to look forward to each outing. Heading into October 16, the match to keep your eye on the most is GUNTHER defending his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Bronson Reed. This is a massive attraction matchup and if the company gives them the time and the proper booking, it will be another showcase outing for Gunther and a major highlight for Reed.

The joke of “meaty men slappin meat” hasn’t worn out its welcome yet. Bronson Reed versus Gunther is another entry into that catalog and has the potential to be the best match yet.

All the accolades that have been said about Gunther have been said. He’s set a historic record with the IC title and he keeps putting on fantastic matches each outing. Just look at what he’s done with Ilja Dragunov, Tyler Bate, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Chad Gable, and others. Calling Gunther WWE’s MVP is a winnable debate. When 2023 is over some fans and media members will certainly push him as the top performer of the year. He deserves that praise.

Reed’s return to WWE had many scratching their heads. He was doing well outside of the company, picking up the rare win over Kazuchika Okada during the 2022 edition of the G1 Climax. This, along with excellent matches against the likes of Jeff Cobb, Josh Alexander, Josh Barnett, and several others boosted his catalog. But he still came back to the WWE and fans raised their eyebrows at his pairing with The Miz. Initially, things looked good for Reed, but due to “creative changes” his push stalled. That was a thing of the past and now this big match is booked.

Expect Gunther to go over in what will be a hard-hitting affair. One of the biggest interests in this match is Gunther will finally be the smaller man. Reed’s 352-pound frame is one of the rare examples of a challenger being able to outpower him. Gunther’s transformation into a more athletic version of the Ring General has upped his performance in the ring, but he still excels in smashing smaller foes with strength. He’s not going to be able to do that with Reed. Gunther has shown some variety in his offense to put away foes, so keep your eyes on what he breaks out to defeat Reed.

But what if Reed does go over? Title changes on weekly television are still rare in WWE. Expectations are that Gable is the one that will unseat Gunther, which is the story fans want to see. But what if the company goes in a different direction and puts the belt on Reed? That would be a big and criticized outcome but would certainly be a surprise outcome.

Bronson Reed versus GUNTHER will be a focal point of WWE Raw. It should be the main event and get at least 20 minutes because this is a big ordeal. The build to this match has been perfect to create interest in what should be one of the better Raw matches from 2023.

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