Fans should look for a major title change at WWE Crown Jewel


WWE Crown Jewel is a big moment for WWE and fans should expect a title change of some sort at the main event level.

WWE is heading back to Saudi Arabia on Saturday, with another edition of Crown Jewel to come. The major stars are set for the showcase, as the Crown Prince expects WWE to roll out its biggest names to create the biggest moments. With that in mind, fans should keep a close eye on the potential for a big title change to create headlines coming out of the event.

Saudi Arabia’s efforts in sports washing have continued to drive big entertainment moments in the country. Just look at the recent boxing contest between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou as a major example. There are many voices that think Saudi Arabia is on pace to become the combat sports capital of the world. And with that in mind, do not be surprised if the WWE is being pushed to book a big moment on the Crown Jewel card.

John Cena is already going to be there, battling against Solo Sikoa in a singles match. Looking at the champions on the card, Rey Mysterio is facing the biggest threat as he defends his United States Championship against Logan Paul. Fans will expect Rhea Ripley and Roman Reigns to come out of the event with their titles in tow. But what about Seth Rollins?

There are a few ways things could go with Rollins. He’s defending the championship against Drew McIntyre and that alone could be a showcase that results in him dropping the title. WWE has long built McIntyre into a consummate title threat. If he picked up a victory over Rollins, no one would be surprised. While not fully a heel, this version of McIntyre is the most interesting he’s been since the build to his first WrestleMania moment back in 2020. Putting the belt back around his waist would make sense with the story that he’s currently telling.

This is where the Money in the Bank cash-in comes into play. There is one direction things could go where Rollins defeats McIntyre, just to have Damian Priest take the belt from him that same night. But what if McIntyre wins and somehow avoids the MITB threat? That failed cash-in could lead to the further splintering of Judgement Day, which viewers know will come at some point.

And then there’s the option of putting the title on Priest. He’s been well-booked since calling him up from NXT and treated as an eventual main-event player. Does that moment come at Crown Jewel, leaving the show as a champion?

There are so many ways the main storyline on Monday Night Raw could go and that’s an excellent problem to have heading into a major PLE. With so much on the line, and WWE heading to Saudi Arabia, fans should expect some type of big moment to happen to give fans plenty to talk about.

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