Imaging Logan Paul holding a WWE singles championship


Logan Paul would be an eye-catching but potentially problematic champion if he holds a title in WWE. 

It’s a tough thing to hear or read, but Logan Paul is a superstar. From Vine to building a massive platform, and transitioning into today’s iteration of “Celebrity boxing,” Paul continues to rack up the eyeballs and the dollars along the way. As he prepares to challenge Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship at WWE Crown Jewel, viewers should prepare themselves for Paul to pick up the win. It will be a controversial victory, and problematic at the same time, but it is still one that WWE will seek to gain a lot from if it happens.

Regardless of who owns WWE, the promotion always covets mainstream headlines. That is what Paul brings as a performer for the company, and that is what he will bring as a champion. Mysterio is an icon in professional wrestling, but his reach pales in comparison to that of Paul, especially with the younger demographic that is the focal point of advertising dollars today. That is the main driving point behind a potential title change, even as WWE works to build the value of its mid-card championships.

But do not sleep on what Paul can deliver in the ring as a potential champion as well. He’s received widespread praise for his work within WWE to date, and his matches delivered beyond initial expectations. While he will not be the Renaissance man to the division like GUNTHER is for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Paul has the potential to be an important champion who can continue to push the division forward.

Yes, there are also problems with having Paul as a WWE champion or even a performer. If he were to hold the championship, one would wonder if he’d be yet another part-time champion. There’s a lot of debate about the impact that Roman Reigns’s abridged schedule on the rest of the show. Slotting the championship on another performer who would not be in attendance full-time would have consequences. Again, take a look at what GUNTHER is doing as champion and the value seen in his weekly presence and matches on WWE Raw. That has not only elevated the entire division, but put the spotlight on names like Chad Gable, Bronson Reed, and Ivar. Paul taking a title and then not being on TV would have the opposite effect for the SmackDown mid-card division.

Then there’s the fact that Paul has had several controversies throughout the rise of his career. Professional wrestling has shown its tendency to fail when it comes to distancing itself from problematic men and elevating Paul would not surprise many. It could be a situation that bites the company if another problem hits the media waves.

Logan Paul is a star. There’s no denying that. Putting the WWE United States Championship on his waist would garner attention and give WWE an avenue into a new demographic it badly covets.

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