Adam Copeland Vs Christian Cage feud is set to be epic


Adam Copeland and Christian Cage have so much history and a knack for telling stories in professional wrestling that their angle is going to excel.

Last month, Adam Copeland (FKA Edge) made his groundbreaking debut in AEW. The return was highly speculated among fans and journalists after Copeland let his WWE contract expire with no alternative plans. His last match in WWE against Sheamus was a beautiful finale to a 25-year career with the company.

Upon returning to AEW, Copeland extended his hand to his long-time tag team partner and friend in WWE, current AEW TNT Champion, Christian Cage. Copeland wanted to finish his career with Cage, a suggestion that Copeland even mentioned was given to him by his younger daughter. However, since Christian Cage established himself in AEW and became TNT Champion (for real), he hasn’t been the same friend that Copeland once knew.

Cage did not take too kindly to Copeland’s offer after Copeland took out two of Cage’s goons, Luchasarus and Nick Wayne to save his Idle Sting just a few nights prior at Wrestle Dream. While hugging the Rated R Superstar, Cage spoke into the microphone three terrible words that sent a very clear message. Cage then walked away, making it clear to Copeland that he wanted nothing to do with him.

Fast forwarding to just last Wednesday, Cage could not help but further antagonize Adam Copeland. When Copeland was given an opportunity to team with Sting and Darby Allin against Christian Cage and his squad at Full Gear, Cage warned against it. Additionally, Cage threatened to snap the neck of Adam Copeland. Cage then sent Wayne and Luchasaurus to attack Copeland in the middle of the ring. Thankfully, the Icon Sting and Darby Allin bolted in to aid Copeland, giving him the confidence to officially decide to team with Sting and Allin against Cage and his goons at Full Gear.

This six-man tag match was certainly not on most fans’ 2023 Bingo sheet. While it wasn’t expected just a couple of months ago, this match is a perfect card to have on the Full Gear PPV. A match that draws fans in with big, marquee stars and storylines but also showcases amazing talent and feuds from younger stars is one of the exact concepts that AEW was founded on.

As Copeland mentioned this past Wednesday, Darby Allin is an amazing, rising star in AEW. Additionally, Nick Wayne is getting an incredible push, being in the same match as three accomplished legends on PPV at just 18 years old. This match was certainly an amazing decision on AEW’s end and will surely continue the epic tale between two pristine legends.

Even looking past this match at Full Gear, there’s no telling what these two could do in a promotion that allows them to potentially turn up the heat in their matches with crazy stipulations. Knowing Copeland’s history, he’s gonna want to make this match(es) with Christian Cage memorable. The only real way to do that in the pro wrestling industry is to pull out the stops and increase the violence. Thankfully for fans, AEW is a promotion that isn’t afraid of going extreme on weekly shows or PPVs, hence their TV-14 rating on cable. This makes AEW the perfect place for Copeland and Cage to face off in a bloody war in the months to come, starting Nov 18th at Full Gear.

With AEW now hosting a massive marquee feud, this could ultimately change the conversation about who can tell better stories in pro wrestling. However, that’s completely dependent on whether the feud continues to be executed well and wisely and the quality of the matches.

Time will tell whether Copeland gets a shot at the TNT championship. For all we know, Christian Cage could lose the title before then, especially because there isn’t much reason for Copeland to challenge or win a midcard title at this stage in his career.  Nevertheless, the probable one-on-one match we could get between these two could be one for the history books in any promotion.

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