The top five Bryan Danielson matches of all time


Bryan Danielson is widely considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and his catalog features a series of hits against some well-known wrestlers

For well over a decade now, Bryan Danielson (FKA Daniel Bryan) has had nothing short of a mesmerizing career. The two-time Wrestlemania main eventer has won multiple world championships and has had several memorable matches. Considering that these are five of Bryan’s greatest matches in his almost-finished career.

#5 Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar (Survivor Series 2018)

Before Bryan’s in-ring retirement in 2016, several dream matches had not happened yet. At the time, we never thought they would. Among those names was The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Following his return in the spring of 2018, Bryan became World Champion once again just a week before WWE’s PPV event, Survivor Series, where the two World Champions were set to go face-to-face. While Bryan had just won the WWE Championship on SmackDown from AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar was the current Universal Champion on Monday Night Raw.

This would put Bryan directly in Lesnar’s line of fire. Many had anticipated this match for years, but few were ready to watch what Lesnar had in store for Bryan. Fortunately, Bryan retaliated and the match ended up being contested. The two had an epic battle that was fortunate enough to happen.

Unfortunately, Daniel did not get the victory over Lesnar. However, many others have also tried and failed throughout Lesnar’s career. This was also an interesting time for this match to happen as Bryan was just starting his new heel persona where he ultimately kills the “YES Movement.”

#4 Bryan Danielson vs MJF (Revolution 2023)

Flashing forward to his AEW days under the name of Bryan Danielson, Bryan challenges for yet another world championship against the AEW champion, MJF. Instead of just handing him the match, MJF decides to make Bryan work for it, insisting that he must wrestle weekly and win every match for a month to receive a title shot. Bryan accepts and tears through his competition in the coming month.

Bryan then wrestled MJF at AEW Revolution in a 60-minute Iron Man match for the AEW World Championship. The match was intense and brutal, both men took an immense amount of punishment to put on a phenomenal match. MJF ended up with the win, winning with 4 falls against Bryan’s 3.

While Bryan didn’t win the title, This was an amazing match and also very important for the career of MJF. While the loss doesn’t impact Bryan’s resume, a win over Bryan Danielson says a lot when you’re only 26. One thing is for sure, MJF may have won, but Danielson put up a hell of a fight to win a title he’s never held.

#3 Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston (Wrestlemania 35)

Looking further into Bryan’s heel days, his biggest match as a heel was a World Championship defense against Kofi Kingston. During this time, Bryan was running buddies with former Wyatt Family member, Eric Rowan. Bryan had taken the previous WWE Championship that he had won and threw it away. He then replaced it with an eco-friendly model of the title, changing its appearance entirely.

The match was electric and the stakes were high. Similar to Bryan’s big title win in the main event of Wrestlemania 30, The WWE Universe was rallying strongly behind Kingston. The heavily chanted “KofiMania” ultimately spelled doom for Daniel Bryan, as he would again fall short of victory and lose the Title to Kingston, ringing in the era of KofiMania.

#2 Daniel Bryan vs John Cena (SummerSlam 2013)

Before his moment at Wrestlemania or his early retirement, Bryan challenged John Cena for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam (2013.) The match consisted of two favorites fighting for the ultimate prize. Additionally, Triple H served as a special guest referee for this match, a factor that later would not work in Bryan’s favor.

After a grueling competition, Daniel Bryan emerged successful and became the new WWE Champion. Confetti rained from the sky as Bryan soaked in the victory that he had been waiting so long for. Triple H handed him the title and congratulated the newly crowned champ as he celebrated his victory.

Until, all of a sudden, the current MITB holder, Randy Orton made his way out to the arena. Randy teased his cash-in, catching Bryan off guard. Within the blink of an eye, Triple H turned Bryan around and gave him a Pedigree in the middle of the ring. Orton then cashed in legitimately and won the WWE Championship. It was a disappointment for sure, but one that would be made up for that following spring.

#1 Daniel Bryan vs Triple H (Wrestlemania 30)

The pressure couldn’t have been any higher in our number 1 pick, Daniel Bryan vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 30. After months of fighting a difficult battle against the Authority, Bryan was finally given a chance to main-event Wrestlemania. The catch, however, was that Bryan had to defeat the King of Kings, Triple H on that same night.

Needless to say, Bryan took this opportunity and Challenged the Game. After Triple H plotted against Bryan as an Authority figure for so long, the only inevitable solution was a match between the two. They battled out for what ended up being quite a lengthy match. In the end, Daniel picked up the victory, but it didn’t last long.

Triple H immediately attacked Bryan’s bad arm with a chair, hindering his chances of being victorious later on in the main event. However, Bryan managed to win that match as well, becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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