The End of Trick and Melo Gang Will Break NXT Fans’ Hearts


Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes will go their separate ways in WWE NXT and it is going to break the hearts of fans worldwide.

When the 2.0 iteration of NXT began, many fans were left puzzled by the changes that took over the once-gritty black-and-gold brand. Other fans stopped watching altogether. But for those who continued their third brand journey, new characters and athletes such as Bron Breakker, Von Wagner, Cora Jade, and Nikkita Lyons began to permeate the wrestling landscape.

But two huge personalities burst onto the scene with confidence, style, and a deep brotherhood. These men are Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. With devilishly good looks and comedic timing reminiscent of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the Bad Boys movie franchise, this duo won audiences over with their athletic prowess and authenticity. But lately, their solid friendship has hit a snag as Williams seeks to stand in his own light. While Carmelo is used to being touted as the future of WWE, it seems that he is not willing to share that same spotlight with the man who has been his support system from the beginning. With the mystery of who attacked Williams reaching its climax, the NXT fanbase is preparing itself for the heartbreaking end of Trick and Melo Gang. Let’s explore why it hurts so badly.

Losing The Chemistry of Their Bond

Carmelo Hayes had already made a big splash in 2021 by winning the Men’s Breakout Tournament. But knowing that he needed protection and a trusted partner by his side, he enlisted the help of longtime friend Trick Williams. Once the chiseled gentleman brought his energetic confidence into the picture, Hayes felt that there was no obstacle he couldn’t overcome.

In their first promo together and in their attack on Duke Hudson afterward, Carmelo’s edge and intensity were unleashed. As their friendship on screen evolved, we saw their belief in each other soar to new heights as Hayes pursued top gold in NXT and as Williams wrestled here and there. Once Carmelo began to lose his confidence as champion and Trick started to find his own groove, their energy reached a notable lull. They were truly the wind beneath each other’s wings and their impending break-up will put an end to that.

Having to Choose Between Hayes and Williams

In the midst of the pain that the NXT universe will have to face in seeing Carmelo and Trick split up, they will also have to choose between the two stellar athletes. Though Hayes began his WWE career with brash confidence, he became a fan favorite the more he performed and used his promo skills to gather his opponents. Though Trick Williams started his career being the distraction to Hayes’s enemies, he also became a favorite to the NXT fandom due to his eloquence and blossoming in-ring acumen. Add in an incredibly catchy theme song and a star is born (Whoop That Trick! What? Whoop That Trick! Yeah!).

After cheering for both men for over a year, it might feel weird to switch the vibe if Carmelo is revealed to have been Trick’s assailant. Or what if Hayes did not attack his friend and he lashes out due to his anger at being accused? Either way, the NXT faithful will be wrecked with emotion.

Their Authentic Portrayal of Black Men in Friendships

One of the greatest losses that will come from the inevitable split of Trick and Melo Gang is the demise of one of the most authentic showcases of Black male friendships in WWE history. When one thinks of on-screen friendships, it is easy to turn to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn or Triple H and Shawn Michaels. The same can also be said for Hayes and Williams as we have seen their friendship grow over the years. But there was something healing about watching them from a cultural standpoint.

These were young and excellent Black men encouraging each other and being true to themselves. One only has to look to their CutWiz promos on NXT to see their vibrant banter at play. The barber shop can be a sacred place of solitude for African-American men to wax poetic about current events and build themselves up by getting a fresh cut. Watching Carmelo and Trick in that atmosphere felt like a real day in their lives.

Another expression of their Black friendship is their “If you win, I win” mentality. In their first promo in 2021, Carmelo told the NXT audience that if he eats, Trick eats. This past Tuesday on NXT when Trick was pouring his heart out, he said this: “Your success has been my success. Every single time you won a championship, man I felt like I won a championship myself!” When Carmelo won the NXT championship at Stand and Deliver in Los Angeles, Trick assisted the win and cheered for Hayes as he finished off Bron Breakker. When Williams upset “Dirty” Dominick Mysterio and won the NXT North American title, Hayes passionately congratulated his friend. That passion for sharing in each other’s success and taking care of each other is specific to Black brotherhood.

It has been an absolute joy to watch these top-tier men walk in their purpose together. Now it is time to watch them glow together in a different way. Though it may hurt to see them fight, the rivalry they share will be legendary. That’s all it is and that’s all it gon’ be.

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