SmackDown has two angles where Tyler Bate could join the main roster


Tyler Bate is a fantastic professional wrestler and moving him to WWE SmackDown would be a great move to build the roster and feature his talents.

WWE NXT continues to thrive as the third brand within the company. Under Shawn Michaels, the show has performed well and improved since the drastic changes that pushed many away. There are several stars and top performers ready to take the next step on the main roster. The December 1 episode of SmackDown presents two openings where Bate can be included on the main roster.

First, Bobby Lashley beat the brakes off Butch. That seems to be the final match in what was the overarching feud between Lashley and the Street Profits against Fight Night. With Sheamus hurt and Ridge Holland walking about from Butch, that group has finally split. That set up Butch getting jumped by Pretty Deadly backstage. Butch is alone and will need some help to fend off the wolves closing around him. That is where Bate should step in.

Bate and Dunne have a storied rivalry throughout their career, and they’ve put on one of the best matches in recent WWE when they battled for the NXT UK Championship. They recently joined forces on NXT before the Fight Night split. Having Bate step in to help Butch would create a solid tag team, but they shouldn’t be saddled together in what is a packed tag team division. At least not immediately.

Bate should be the NXT talent that is included in the United States Championship challenger tournament. Logan Paul announced that his next opponent would come from a group of men that included multiple names from SmackDown, but there was a blank entry for someone from NXT. Bate stepping into that spot would create some great matches and an interesting way to bring him to SmackDown full-time. He wouldn’t be expected to win the tournament, nor take the title from Paul, but his addition would be a benefit to the roster.

Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce continue to jockey for top talent on the main roster and Bate should be among those names considered to watch from NXT. At only 26 years old, he is one of the best wrestlers in the world and his youth helps push him up the roster. SmackDown has two open doors that he could walk through and looking at his status on NXT, the time is now to make that move.

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