Roxanne Perez’s WWE NXT booking points toward main roster debut


Roxanne Perez took another loss at NXT Deadline and fans are upset, but they should be looking forward to the main roster run that should come soon. 

NXT Deadline was a strong PLE for WWE NXT, with a lot to talk about coming out of the show. One of the big thoughts and questions popping up online around Roxanne Perez. Perez dropped a steel cage match to Kiana James and it continued a string of big losses for the former champion. For all intents and purposes, this is a clear indicator that Perez is heading to the main roster and this is the perfect season to make that move.

Cagematch perfectly captures Perez’s current streak in WWE NXT. Along with that match with James, she’s fallen to Lash Legend and wasn’t successful in the Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying match. Those are big losses that are meant to elevate the women standing across from Perez. Legend and James are two interesting prospects for WWE NXT. They may not be main events next week, next month, or even next year – but they are women who could be central parts to the future of the division.

But what does this mean for Perez? Yes, she’s found success in WWE NXT, but some of the booking around her run has been questionable. The way she dropped the WWE NXT Women’s Championship as a direct call back to Shawn Michaels’s career, was odd at best. Having her vacate the title through a storyline, just to not win it back in the ladder match at Stand & Deliver wasn’t the best booking. The same could be said about her and Cora Jade as tag team champions. She never technically lost that title either. So, fans are right to raise their hands in frustration about how the company is booking someone who has the potential to be the pillar for women’s wrestling in the next generation.

This is why it’s time to move Perez up to the main roster. With the 2024 Royal Rumble months away, getting Perez into that match is a must. This wouldn’t be her first shot, as she appeared in the 2023 match and survived for less than five minutes. Giving her a bigger moment in 2024 is key, and the perfect opportunity to set up main roster feuds for her future. Both SmackDown and WWE Raw could use her talent and there are names that she can contend with before being made into a potential title threat. Think about Perez against IYO Sky, Kairi Sane, Bayley, or Charlotte Flair on Fridays or Piper Niven, Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark, or even Trish Stratus on Raw. All those matches would keep fans engaged and help draw interest in her run. The opportunity is there and now is the right time to pull the trigger on the move.

Roxanne Perez is a fan favorite and rightfully so. There was a lot of hype about her signing to WWE, and while there has been more bad than good, there is still plenty of room for improvement. That improvement must begin with a strong showing at the Royal Rumble and the move to the main roster.

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