3 dream matches for Ricochet outside of WWE

Ricochet's time with WWE is reportedly over. If that is the case, these are three dream matches that fans would love to see in other companies.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

It looks like a run came to an end on the June 10 edition of WWE Raw. Bron Breakker did what had to be done, putting Ricochet out with a massive powerslam onto the windshield of a car. This came as a series of reports highlighted that Ricochet was planning to leave WWE at the end of his current contract. A human highlight reel if there ever was one, Ricochet stepping out as a free agent should be a big deal. There are several massive matches that await him in organizations around the world. Here are some of those dream matches that fans hope to see. 

Will Ospreay

This is the easy one on the list. Will Ospreay openly talked about his love for Ricochet and his work. In his opinion, WWE was disrespecting his abilities and Ospreay hoped that he’d make the jump to All Elite Wrestling so the two can continue their storied rivalry. They’ve battled several times over, creating some instant classics. To revisit those matches nearly a decade later, as both men have matured in their abilities would be a monumental deal. It would be one of those dream matches that AEW puts on and immediately gets the wrestling world talking. This is one big match fans can hope to get before 2024 ends. 

Mike Bailey

While the world tends to look at Will Ospreay as the best in the business, no one can ignore what Mike Bailey has done. His catalog is slowly growing with some excellent entries onto the list of top matches each year. There's a question about where he will end up, as his contract with TNA is apparently coming to an end. However, if the company can find a way to book a big match between him and Ricochet, that would be something worth seeing. Even without TNA there is a chance this match can happen in an organization like GCW. Bailey versus Ricochet in Bloodsport? Why not at this point. 

Mustafa Ali

If anyone understands what it is like to be undervalued by WWE it is Mustafa Ali. The minute that “Free Ali” became a social movement, it was clear that his time with the company was going to end. It took a while, but once he became a free agent, Ali went on an incredible run that continues today. He’s yet to lose a singles match this year, and has performed in some of the most important independent organizations around the world. Not only that, but he’s become the TNA X-Division Champion along the way. Imagine a scenario where Ricochet is a surprise opponent to challenge him for that title. Seeing those two get a main stage feature after years of being overlooked in WWE would be a fantastic full-circle moment.