3 perfect draft picks for WWE NXT

WWE NXT is going to get picks of its own in the upcoming draft and these are three moves that would help the entire brand and the performers.
Chelsea Green Piper Niven Jan.jpg
Chelsea Green Piper Niven Jan.jpg /

The WWE Draft is coming, with the selections starting on the April 26 episode of SmackDown and ending on the April 29 edition of WWE Raw. There’s a palpable interest in what moves will be made as WWE continues forward with the “Triple H Era.” WWE NXT is supposed to take part in the draft, and it seems like the brand will make picks of its own. Looking at the WWE main roster, these are three individuals who could benefit from making a move to Tuesday nights.

It looks like Karrion Kross, Scarlett, AOP, and Ivar are all ready to make the move back to NXT. Dolph Ziggler, Becky Lynch, and The New Day, all took brief tours in WWE NXT to capture titles, drawing eyeballs along the way. With that in mind, these through acts, individuals, or teams, could use a longer run back in the brand.

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green is a gift in the WWE women’s division. Her pairing with Piper Niven remains entertaining, but it’s time to bring that duo to an end so Niven can go on a run as a monster heel. That creates the opportunity for Green to return to NXT, where she can have her own run as a singles performer.

Green’s character and in-ring abilities are more than enough to see her as a champion in NXT. She could easily be a main event attraction, and a great working partner for many of the young women on the roster. Giving Green a singles run in NXT via the draft would be a good move for both her and the division.

Maxxine Dupri

Fans want to see Maxxine Dupri succeed. WWE sees value in her and has put her in prime positions on the main roster. But it’s clear that she needs more work in the ring. This is why sending her to NXT to get more reps across the board would be a good move. Dupri could work with not only the trainers more frequently, but NXT has a deep women’s division where she can be slotted into several different angles. Giving her more time to build her abilities in the ring and learn the WWE way would give her more opportunity to find success in the company.

The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

While The New Day has already had a tenure in NXT, it’s time to think about doing a longer term run in the brand. As a tag team, they are in a bit of a stagnant position on the main roster. While tag action is picking up, The New Day has certainly slipped a bit down the pecking order. They could pick up the titles at any moment, but there are other duos that fans want to see elevated before them. This is why another run in NXT could work, but with a bit of a twist.

In 2023, Woods and Kingston held the NXT tag titles for 56 days. They don’t need to capture those belts again. But imagine a situation in which Woods was elevated as a singles performer with Kingston by his side in NXT. It’s time that Woods received his own run as a top champion and seeing him pick up the NXT Championship would be quite a sight.