3 women on Raw who will benefit with top stars out

Due to Rhea Ripley being out due to injury and Becky Lynch taking some time off, it gives plenty of opportunities to other women on Monday Night Raw.
Monday Night RAW
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As we know, former Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley will be out for some time due to her shoulder injury. Since she was forced to vacate the title, Becky Lynch won a battle royal the following episode of Monday Night Raw to become the new Women's World Champion. After just 30 days, Lynch lost the title to Liv Morgan and as her contract expires in mere days, she has plans to take some time away whether she decides to re-sign with WWE.

With the top two biggest stars of the women's division on Monday Night Raw out for the foreseeable future, it raises the question -- who will take their place? Who will benefit the most from them being gone? Well, I've got three women that will benefit the most with Ripley and Lynch being gone.

Liv Morgan

Due to the storyline being Liv Morgan is the one who injured Ripley's shoulder in an attack backstage, she has by default benefited the most from Ripley's absence. Morgan gets the moniker now that she is this sadistic, psycho who will do whatever it takes to get revenge on Ripley injuring her last year. That included taking the Women's World title from Lynch, her romantic kiss with Dirty Dom on Raw, and also likely her taking over The Judgement Day as the new leader.

Morgan told Ripley last year in passing that she would take everything that she loves. Her revenge tour has done wonders for her in revamping her character and has transitioned her into the face of the division on Monday Night Raw at the moment. There will be much more to come for Morgan in the coming months until Ripley comes back to fight for once was hers.

Lyra Valkyria

Admittedly, I thought Lyra Valkyria was going to win the Queen of The Ring after defeating Iyo Sky in the Semi-finals of the Tournament. I thought it was a possibility that all of these foreshadowing moments between Valkyria and Lynch were setting up a rematch between the two (Valkryia beat Lynch to win the NXT Women's title last year). Instead, it was more of a passing of the torch.

Obviously, she is disappointed in herself for losing the Tournament, but there are brighter days ahead. In just a few weeks, Valkyria has gone from a new draft pick from WWE NXT to Raw, to advancing to the Queen of the Ring final. A title shot is within her grasp and with Lynch gone, Valkyria has the opportunity to become the biggest babyface in the women's division on Raw.

Shayna Baszler

I've been waiting for WWE to give Shayna Baszler better storylines since she left NXT. The only time it felt like as a solo superstar she was getting the necessary attention was when she was ending her feud with Ronda Rousey. Other than contending for the Women's Tag Team Championships, it would be nice to see Baszler get a run at the Women's World title. It feels like Baszler and Zoey Stark are heels, but Baszler appears to be shifting to more of a babyface (hence her ongoing feud with Lola Vice on NXT), meanwhile Stark is containing heel energy. Sonya Deville has recently inserted herself into their chase for the tag titles but was seen only talking to Stark on this past week on Raw.

Perhaps, Deville is trying to steal Stark as a tag partner or to manage Stark? With both Ripley and Lynch gone, WWE has a huge task and opportunity to elevate some of their women's division, more imparticular the babyfaces. Baszler would be an easy transition to a babyface and is already phenomenal in the ring and the mic. She just needs the television time and the perfect booking to execute it.