The Liv Morgan revenge tour must get main event booking on WWE Raw

WWE Raw has several top stars injured and now is the time to book Liv Morgan in a featured spot at the top of the roster.
WWE Monday Night RAW
WWE Monday Night RAW / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

Monday Night Raw is in an interesting place coming out of the first night of the 2024 WWE Draft. Drew McIntyre has re-signed, but he’s going to be off television for a bit. CM Punk is also injured. Seth Rollins is hurt as well. Cody Rhodes is heading over to SmackDown where he’s champion. There’s a huge void at the top of the show and it must be filled in a strong fashion to keep the positive momentum rolling. That could come through elevating the Liv Morgan Revenge Tour into the attraction that fans want it to be.

Becky Lynch won the WWE Women’s World Championship via a battle royal and there are opinions about that. Morgan was once again the runner-up, failing to secure a big victory – especially in this case with the championship on the line. While Lynch is a beloved member of the WWE roster, fans were quick to point out that she’s the safe pick to hold the championship while Rhea Ripley is out with an injury. But there’s a bigger story at play which should be one of the two central stories playing out in the main event.

There’s always value in the chase. This is why many think that Morgan will go on to chase Lynch as the champion. Rather than placing the belt on Morgan via the battle royal, there’s a contingent that believes she would be better served beating Lynch in a singles match to take the title.

Even though WWE Backlash is on the horizon, the better bet would be to set that match as a main event for an upcoming episode of Raw. Give Lynch versus Morgan a main event slot with thirty minutes of television time. Allow these two ladies to go out and put on an excellent wrestling match in which Morgan comes out on top without any shenanigans. If Morgan is going to be taken seriously as a champion, she must win a title without any of the foolishness that killed the momentum of her first championship run. This must be considered a fresh start opportunity to present Morgan as a top champion in the promotion and WWE can’t afford to mess it up again.

Several of the top stars on Monday Night Raw are injured and will miss much of the summer. Now is the time for the company to build up a new crop of stars who can fill in the gap. Liv Morgan needs to be one of those individuals and her revenge tour should get top billing on the show.