AEW Women's Division misses Britt Baker

Britt Baker has been out of action for more than eight months and the women's division is looking forward to her return.
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The AEW women’s division is rolling. There’s a lot of hope that Mercedes Mone versus Willow Nightingale will headline Double or Nothing. Toni Storm continues to kill it as the AEW Women’s World Champion, and there are several other talented performers to enjoy. Yet, AEW remains without a huge star in its division. Britt Baker is nowhere to be seen and there’s a rumble that the women’s division misses its biggest home-grown star.

Britt Baker’s last match came on AEW Collision in September. She dropped a twelve-minute contest to then TBS Champion, Kris Statlander. Before that, Baker was mostly involved in the AEW Originals storyline that pit her against Saraya, Toni Storm, and Ruby Soho. That storyline was widely seen as a failure as it leaned more into the sports entertainment space that fans didn’t want to see the promotion tread down. Eight months have passed since that time and viewers would quickly ignore the most recent memories if she made a shocking return.

Baker’s return has been discussed multiple times in recent months, with no actual timetable for when she’ll step back into the ring. Diamond Dallas Page recently posted pictures and a video of her training with him as she prepares for her return to the ring. DDP has helped several performers recover from injuries and in some sense, the overall struggles of life.

“Britt is on the road to recovery,” DDP posted. “She’s gonna be B-A Double-D, BADD to the BONE when she gets back to AEW!”

Where does Britt fit when she makes this return? Right at the top, of course. But what is the proverbial top? Mercedes Mone is expected to come out of Double or Nothing with the AEW TBS Championship. Her angle with Willow Nightingale deserves a longer burn time, as they have a story to tell and more potential than some are willing to recognize.

When the dust settles between them, a Baker versus Mone angle would make perfect sense. AEW has worked overtime to present Baker as the top woman developed in the company and pairing her against the top performer in women’s wrestling would make sense. The stage for “scathing promos” will be set, with the two women surely taking some interesting shots at each other. Challenging for the TBS Championship makes the most sense as it would further elevate the title.

While the women’s division has surged, there’s still another level that can be hit with this group if given the opportunity. One of the biggest complaints with AEW booking for a while was that Baker was the only woman truly getting that space to succeed. Her being off television for so long created the space for her absence to make the hearts of fans grow fond of her return. If Tony Khan promoted her return a week in advance, setting the stage for a big segment, the numbers would certainly reflect her strength as a star for the company.

Forbidden Door is around the corner as well, and that’s another opportunity to create a space for Baker to return, without having to immediately insert her into the title picture. Pairing Baker against one of STARDOM’s biggest names is a perfect way to get her onto the card and in a big match if she’s cleared to do so.

Britt Baker is one of the first stars AEW created, and undoubtedly a pillar of this organization. She’s been out of action for an extended period of time, but when she returns fans will be ready to welcome her with open arms.