Bron Breakker's Royal Rumble reaction shows he's WWE main roster ready

Bron Breakker made a surprise appearance in the WWE Royal Rumble and his performance shows he's ready to go on either SmackDown or Raw.
Jan 27, 2024; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Bron Breakker attacks Ivar during the Men   s Royal Rumble
Jan 27, 2024; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Bron Breakker attacks Ivar during the Men s Royal Rumble / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

WWE needs to get younger within the men’s division. Many of the top names in that group are on the other side of 35 years old, and Father Time is undefeated – especially when it comes to one’s ability to perform on an athletic stage. There were some young names in The Royal Rumble, but Bron Breakker’s appearance and crowd reaction were a point to highlight. He’s poised for a big run on the main roster, and that should come much sooner, rather than later.

Breakker’s run on WWE NXT has been praised many times over. A combined 425 days as WWE NXT Champion across two title reigns. His title run featured some great bouts including contests against Tommaso Ciampa, Gunther, Ilja Dragunov, JD McDonagh, and Carmelo Hayes. His current character and pairing with Baron Corbin have been something of interest as well. Different than the gruff “face” he played earlier and shows that he can dabble into the comedy-like elements that the Steiners have done in the past. He’s growing into a new role at this point on WWE NXT and it shows.

When Breakker hit the ring during The Rumble he was met with a huge reaction from fans. Everything he did was showered with cheers and he put on a show. He tossed out Omos, Finn Balor, Ivar, and Jimmy Uso. Many speculated that he was the one who replaced Brock Lesnar in The Rumble, and he took advantage of every moment. After the show, he mentioned that his main event run starts now, which also spoils his current storyline on NXT, but that is beside the point.

If Breakker is main roster bound, then there’s a big opportunity to create a much-needed, young star in the men’s division. Breakker doesn’t have to skyrocket into a title immediately but pitting him as a threat should be the first goal. The Elimination Chamber is a perfect match type where he can shine and be protected in defeat. 2024 should be the year that Breakker thrives in the mid-card, eventually capturing either the WWE Intercontinental or United States Championship.

Several young names in the WWE men’s division are ready to slide into main-event roles. Bron Breakker is one of those men and after a strong stint in The Royal Rumble, this year needs to be the time he cements his place on either WWE Raw or SmackDown.