Carmelo Hayes versus Trick Williams must main event NXT Stand & Deliver

While Ilja Dragunov may be champion, the right move is to put Carmelo Hayes versus Trick Williams at the top of the show.
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WWE is doing an excellent job with building the future of the promotion in NXT. Currently, there are two stars standing at the top of the brand that have the potential to be superstars of the future, with their careers linked from start to finish. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are involved in the most important feud on the brand, and as the company looks toward the future their involvement should be central for things to come.

On Monday, March 25, Fightful Select reported of “big plans” for the two NXT superstars. With NXT Stand and Deliver coming on Saturday, April 6, it was mentioned that the current plan is for the angle between Hayes and Williams to main event the show. Even as Ilja Dragunov enjoys a strong push as champion, the right decision is to book Hayes and Williams as the top match of the show.

While some will argue that the championship should main event, there are several examples of events where that hasn’t bene the case. NXT Stand & Deliver should be another moment on that list, as the feud between Williams and Hayes is not only bigger than Dragunov versus Tony D’Angelo, but it also has more long-term value for the promotion.

WWE has two future superstars on its hands in Williams and Hayes. Fans quickly clung to Hayes when he walked on the scene, but Williams’s rise has been more organic, making it even more captivating to watch. Listen to the fan reaction any time the two men are on television, that reaction is real and it is one that has not gone unnoticed within WWE and beyond.

The report further states that Hayes has been set for a main roster callup since the Royal Rumble and can be expected to make the move fulltime after WrestleMania weekend. Having him lose to Williams and make that jump would be the right decision. Williams should remain in NXT a bit longer to get additional reps as a main event attraction before heading up to the main roster himself. The NXT Championship should be in his future, giving him the opportunity to shine outside of the heated angle with Hayes.

But where the real money lies within their booking on the main roster. Hayes and Williams have so much value as foils and allies in the years to come. They could work as allies competing in the tag team division, or as individuals battling over a mid-card championship. However, WWE should take the long-term booking route when planning the future with the two. Think of how Bayley and Mercedes Mone (then Sasha Banks) brought out the best in each other which culminated in amazing matches and ratings-drawing segments. The potential is there with these two and WWE must make it a point to correctly build these two for years to come.

The growth of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams remains one of the best stories to watch within WWE NXT. The brand is finding success creating stars for the future of both sports’ entertainment and professional wrestling. These two may be the crowning achievements when everything is said and done.