Halfway through 2024, and this will be the best year in professional wrestling

A lot has happened in just six months and with so much to look forward to, this will be the best year in recent memory for professional wrestling.
WrestleMania 40
WrestleMania 40 / WWE/GettyImages

Do not look now, but 2024 is already halfway over. Time continues to move quickly, and the midway point is here. There’s been a lot of professional wrestling action around the world, from the biggest organizations down to the smallest indie promotions. While there is still a lot to come, 2024 is already looking like the best year in wrestling in quite some time. 

Some of the biggest moments in recent memory have hit this year. Look back to WrestleMania 40 for what will most likely be chronicled as the moment of the year. Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns headlined a wild second night of action in Philadelphia. It took an Avengers-level effort to finally take down The Head of the Table and The Bloodline. At least momentarily. Rhodes was able to get the pinfall and now he’s become the WWE Undisputed Champion. Reigns hasn’t been seen since. WWE is building toward that big return and what will kick off the next chapter in this story. As that grows closer, it’s one of the many things WWE fans are looking forward to seeing. 

All Elite Wrestling has seen its share of big moments as well. If 2024 is known for the battle to secure free agents, then this promotion is leading the charge. Several top stars have signed with Tony Khan and crew, including Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay, and Mercedes Mone. As the roster continues to pack out, AEW continues to put on several “dream” matches, including what some will consider the best match in recent years. Perhaps the best of all time. 

Will Ospreay versus Bryan Danielson was a masterpiece. It was one of those matches that demands a rewatch several times just to analyze different aspects of what happened. It is one of those matches that great wrestlers from the future will use as homework to build their own knowledge of wrestling, in hopes to become the best of the next generations. 

Then, there is everything that’s happening across wrestling in combination. The collaboration that is happening in 2024 isn’t new, but it is happening at a scale that hasn’t been seen in decades. WWE openly partnering with organizations, welcoming stars from other companies onto television and sending their performers to compete in other companies is something that would never happen with Vince McMahon in place. It is fun to watch without knowing where top stars may show up next, but knowing there’s a possibility makes this year even more fun. 

With all that good news, it is still important to recognize that there’s still work to do purge the worst parts of professional wrestling. The Janel Grant lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and the WWE will be the biggest story to come out of the year. It’s the story that finally forced McMahon out of power. But not only did it force him out of power, there’s a growing notion that it can lead to criminal charges against him. McMahon has long behaved as if he was beyond reproach, but times have finally swung in the opposite direction. While most will celebrate that McMahon being out of the way has improved the WWE and potentially wrestling as a whole, that pales in comparison to the idea that there’s a path to justice for some of the victims he’s allegedly harmed along the way. 

There are several reasons why professional wrestling is in a better place. After years of mediocrity at the highest levels, 2024 will be known as the year things turned around for the better.