LA Knight is the perfect choice to win the 2024 King of the Ring

WWE needs to keep LA Knight hot and one way to do so would be to see him win the 2024 King of the Ring.
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The King of the Ring is coming back. Unfortunately, the event is in Saudi Arabia, yet another moment in which WWE takes part in that country’s sports washing efforts. As that effort continues to expand, WWE will use this moment to build one talent’s star power. The individual that should win the King of the Ring in 2024 should be none other than LA Knight.

LA Knight went into WrestleMania 40 in a challenge. He’s uber-over with fans. They want to see him elevated to a singles championship. But those spots are filled with other power players on the roster. Cody Rhodes, Logan Paul, Damian Priest, and Sami Zayn hold the men’s singles titles on the main roster. Of those four, Paul seems to be the most possible champion for Knight to overcome. However, WWE seems fully invested in Paul getting a long run with this title and perhaps the WWE Championship in the future. So where does Knight fit into this crowd?

The King of the Ring tournament helps answer that question for this year. Allowing Knight to step into the tournament and pick up 3-4 big wins over fierce competition keeps his momentum rolling while other things happen with the current champions. Knight has stayed popular even after failing to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2023 and failing to capture any single titles throughout the year. But that momentum is difficult to maintain, especially as WWE continues to enjoy a rash of success across the roster. The promotion must find a way to keep Knight hot even if the immediate plans aren’t for him to pick up a title.

Putting Knight in the KOR tournament keeps him on television each week and allows the company to book some interesting matches. Think about some of these as examples. Knight versus Andrade. Knight versus Ricochet. Knight versus Bron Breakker. Knight versus Johnny Gargano. There are so many opportunities that should excite fans. That is what this and all tournaments should be about.

LA Knight is a big name on the WWE roster. The challenge the company faces is keeping him hot at a time when there’s so much attention needed across the roster. One way to push his name further is to see him win the 2024 King of the Ring and that would be the perfect use of LA Knight at this time.