Liv Morgan should get a big win over Becky Lynch after WrestleMania

Liv Morgan versus Becky Lynch is the feud to make coming out of WrestleMania and it should lead to Morgan getting a major victory.
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Rhea Ripley versus Becky Lynch is a big match set for WrestleMania. 40. Two of the top names in wrestling today will battle over the top women’s title in WWE. But what about after? There’s a lot of time between now and WrestleMania 40, so it is too early to talk about what’s to come after the big event. Except when it comes to Lynch. With the fan momentum behind Liv Morgan growing, that’s the feud to make coming out of the PLE. And it should end with Morgan getting the victory. 

Becky Lynch was always going to win the Elimination Chamber. It was clear that was the direction the company was planning on going. Lynch versus Ripley is the match that WWE wanted to book for Mania. The build to get here has worked and made sense the entire way through. But, fans attempted to create a “movement” for Liv Morgan. One that wasn’t going to work based on the circumstances and timing of Morgan’s return. 

But WWE hinted at a potential feud between the two women during the February 26 edition of WWE Raw. Lynch cost Morgan a match and the former confronted the latter backstage. Playing off the internet commotion involving the two women would make perfect sense coming out of WrestleMania 40. 

Lynch spent a large swath of 2023 building the division around her. She was involved in major feuds with Zoey Stark, Trish Stratus, Lyra Valkyria, Bayley and others. She picked up her share of victories, while taking some interesting losses around the way. Even though it was expected she’d be back in the main event, it was a bumpy ride for her to get there. 

Lynch will not win the title at Mania 40. Ripley is too hot to take that championship off her waist. So pairing Lynch and Morgan against each other after makes sense. 

It is an opening to give Morgan a major victory. A clear victory, one that has dodged her as for much of her main roster run. There was a moment when it looked like she was going to feud with Charlotte Flair. That fell through and never led to much. It seemed like her moment came when she was paired against Ronda Rousey, but she came out of that angle even weaker as a babyface. All the while, fan support for Morgan grew. Her public profile grew, but that didn’t translate to anything of value on WWE programming. A strong feud against Becky Lynch goes a long way in fixing that. And she immediately becomes a main event player if she picks up a win over the multiple-time WWE champion. 

Becky Lynch is a “made man” for all intents and purposes. She can take a few losses every now and then. If WWE is looking for a big angle for her coming out of WrestleMania 40 it should involve Liv Morgan with the latter getting the biggest win of her career.