While some fans want Liv Morgan, it's not her time in the main event picture quite yet

Liv Morgan is a popular name on the WWE women's roster and she's another example why a mid-card title works for that division.
WWE Royal Rumble
WWE Royal Rumble / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

Coming out of WWE Elimination Chamber, there’s an interesting movement rumbling on social media. #WeWantLiv has spent a couple of days trending, as fans push to see Liv Morgan elevated on WWE Raw. She was the last to lose to Becky Lynch in the Chamber and battled Nia Jax days later. Morgan is a popular woman on the roster, but it’s difficult to see how she can push her way to the top right now in what is a stacked women’s division.

The purpose of the #WeWantLiv movement is hopes to drive change like the #WeWantCody movement from weeks ago. Fans didn’t want The Rock to push Rhodes out of a two-year-long “story,” as everyone wants to see the end of Roman Reigns’s time at the top of the food chain.

The situation is quite different for Morgan. At Royal Rumble, she returned to action for the first time since July as she dealt with an injury. She was the last woman to enter the Rumble, and the last one eliminated by Bayley to seal her deal for WrestleMania. Over on Raw, it was clear that the story being told was to pit Rhea Ripley against Lynch at that show. Morgan didn’t factor into those plans, even though she has a huge following that is attempting to “highjack” the booking of the biggest show of the year. This isn’t Morgan’s time, and her fan base will have to accept that for this moment.

But where does she fit? Morgan is yet another name on this exceptionally deep women’s roster. It’s getting to the point where the two main singles titles are not enough. Bayley versus Iyo Sky and Rhea Ripley versus Liv Morgan are two big matches, perfect for WrestleMania. There’s probably going to be a women’s tag team title match, but even if multiple teams are planned for that match, there are several others that would be left by the wayside.

Liv Morgan is yet another name that would benefit from a new mid-card championship. Imagine her defending that belt against the likes of Tiffany Stratton, Jade Cargill, Alba Fyre, Piper Niven, and several other women on the roster who aren’t anywhere near the title picture today. Could Morgan be what GUNTHER has been to the men’s mid-card? Perhaps. She already has the fanbase necessary to justify solid booking show after show.

It’s a good thing to see fans passionate about the stars that they love. It would be much worse if they were apathetic about them. Still, that uprising will not be enough to get Morgan into the title matches at WrestleMania 40. But it is another reason a women’s mid-card title is necessary.