Mercedes Mone versus Britt Baker is going to change AEW women's wrestling

Mercedes Mone versus Britt Baker has the potential to be a division-altering feud for All Elite Wrestling.
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AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door III featured a big moment. Britt Baker made her return to the company, almost ten months since her last match. Not only did she return, but she stepped up to the “CEO” of All Elite Wrestling, Mercedes Mone. This will kick off one of the most important women’s feuds since this company’s inception, and this is what the fans have long wanted to see. 

Baker is one of the most important members of the AEW roster. Some will argue she’s the most important woman signed to the company, and a true pillar of its foundation. While that debate stands for another day, there’s no argument that she’s an important member of the AEW roster. The women’s division was effectively built around her, but in order for it to grow and improve - Baker had to take a back seat. 

Taking that back seat opened the door for more ladies to step up and show out. Now, the division is anchored by powerful front runners like Toni Storm, Deonna Purrazzo, Thunder Rosa, and even what Athena is doing in Ring of Honor. There’s much more opportunity to go around. Plus, the door was opened for more “outsiders” to join the fray. And one did just that in the form of Mercedes Mone. 

Mone’s presence has boosted the women’s division. While her fateful detractors will rail about television ratings, look at what has happened within AEW’s women’s division in just a few short months. The group is getting more time dedicated to matches and segments. PPVs feature more women’s contests. And the stories within the division are better developed. There’s improvement all around. Mone’s presence helps put a spotlight on that and it has to be a central part of this storyline. 

Imagine Baker trying to cut one of her standard “you came from WWE” promos before Mone cuts her down to let her know that she failed being the “leader” of the AEW Women’s Division. Or Baker hitting back to make sure Mone knows she was always going to be second to Charlotte Flair. There’s a lot that can be played up in this feud and that’s what fans want to see. Baker versus Mone has the potential to be a multi-year type of story for AEW, with the duo fighting each other, fighting together, and doing everything all over again. This is the type of battle that makes professional wrestling fun. 

Mercedes Mone versus Britt Baker is finally here. Expect both women to get their moments, and take their bumps along the way. But most of all, these two ladies are going to put on a show for AEW fans.