Now is the time for WWE Evolution 2

WWE's women's division is packed with talent and bringing back the women's-focused PLE would be a move in the right direction.
Friday Night SmackDown
Friday Night SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

WWE continues to show strides in improving the women’s division in WWE. Take into account, that the NXT Women’s Division continues to rock ever since Shawn Michaels took over that brand. That same energy needs to continue to influence the main roster. One way to further the cause would be for WWE to announce Evolution 2 to truly spark some excitement for women’s wrestling in the promotion.

The Queen of the Ring tournament has been some of the best wrestling on television in the last two weeks. Fans were rightly disgusted with how the women’s division was treated the last time the tournament came around, with most matches lasting less than three minutes. That wouldn’t be the case this time, as the women were given the opportunity to stand out with their skills in the ring. Bayley acknowledged that development during the latest episode of SmackDown, tweeting that these matches are giving the energy of another all-women’s PPV.

Think about the excitement and momentum that announcing another all-women’s show would have. Think about the opportunity to attract future free agents looking for a promotion willing to commit to women’s wrestling by giving them a women’s only PPV. It truly would be a selling point that no other promotion could offer at WWE’s scale.

WWE has all the talent for an impactful card as well. Look at all the angles going on right now that could fit into a women’s-only show. Becky Lynch versus Liv Morgan at the top of the card. Naomi and Bayley getting another match without Tiffany Stratton’s interference. A women’s ladder match to crown an inaugural mid-card champion to hold the Women’s Intercontinental Championship. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell getting a shot at the women’s tag team titles. A featured match between Stratton and a legend like Trish Stratus. A Chyna Memorial Battle Royale to honor the icon of women’s wrestling. Thrown in Roxanne Perez versus Giulia as an added bonus. There’s more than enough talent to build out a full card.

WWE does have a packed schedule of PLEs both in the United States and abroad. It would be difficult to find where this show could be placed in the schedule. The angles could be built during the segments on regular television, and it could be handled like a NXT PLE, featuring it at the Performace Center or even another venue fitting the number of fans the show would draw. It's not about putting this in a massive stadium to start, but setting everything up for success to create justification for future shows.

Bayley is right, it is time for WWE to give fans Evolution 2. Will they? That’s a background discussion that probably isn’t going on right now, but it’s one that someone should bring up. The talent is there, the roster is stacked, and presenting the division in that way would go far in courting future free agents to the promotion.