Predicting the top three picks for the 2024 WWE Draft

The WWE Draft is coming in a few weeks and these three individuals stand out as top picks to shift brands in the company.
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The WWE Draft is once again on the horizon. During the April 8 episode of WWE Raw, the news of the 2024 edition of the draft was announced. The first night is set for Friday, April 26 on WWE SmackDown. The second night is scheduled for Monday, April 29. In a night that will shake up the WWE rosters, here are three names that should stand out as top draft picks for each brand.

WWE Raw: Ilja Dragunov

Ilja Dragunov made a surprise appearance on Monday Night Raw. He and Shinsuke Nakamura had a competitive, but relatively short match where the current WWE NXT Champion came out on top. Dragunov is one of the best-kept secrets on NXT, and he’s not much of a secret anymore. During his entire run on the Tuesday night brand, he’s put on banger after banger. Dragunov’s catalog includes some of the best matches not only in WWE but in all of wrestling. Plus, moving him to Monday Night Raw creates an opportunity for him and Gunther to battle on the main roster, a match the world must see on the biggest stage.

WWE SmackDown: Roxanne Perez

Roxanne Perez is one of the key pieces for the future of the WWE women’s division. “The Prodigy” has long been ready for the main roster. Some would argue that she was ready when she first stepped into WWE NXT. But her time on that brand has helped build her skills to better fit within the WWE product. Now the time is here to see her prosper on the main roster.

WWE NXT: Zelina Vega

Giving Zelina Vega a run in WWE NXT would be an interesting swerve and an opportunity to put her in the main event of a women’s division. Vega is a capable worker and we all know her character presents well. She’s had a strong fan following since day one and continues to have wide support whenever she’s used. Unfortunately, the main roster features a stacked division, and her time at the top hasn’t come. That could be rectified by giving her some time on NXT where she could reach the top of the division and even hold the title.