Ridiculously Early Predictions for the 2025 Royal Rumble Winner- The Men's Division

With the hot streak WWE has had, fans and content creators alike have been looking forward to the year ahead in wrestling. This includes some very early predictions for the 2025 Royal Rumble winner, especially in WWE's men's division. The signature event has delivered the past few years and could do it again with a memorable performance form the eventual winner. Who that will be though, remains to be seen.
Jan 27, 2024; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; CM Punk reacts during the Men   s Royal Rumble match at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 27, 2024; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; CM Punk reacts during the Men s Royal Rumble match at Tropicana Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With WWE still riding a peak of sorts, fans and content creators alike have been looking forward to the year ahead. This includes some very early predictions for the 2025 Royal Rumble winner, especially in WWE's men's division. Last year's women's Royal Rumble had a lot of surprises, whereas the men's was more about a cohesive story. That could be the case again, or next year, the male superstars will have fans at the edge of their seats wondering who will take it all and who will enter the fray next. The joy of the Rumble match is that it can be genuinely anyone, but there are some early front-runners for next year's event. 

Roman Reigns goes from prey to predator

Surprisingly, one of the understated predictions for the 2025 Royal Rumble winner is Roman Reigns. Nobody doubts Reigns would be one of the heavy favorites, just that he wouldn't even enter the match at all. Reigns is the champion who defined the previous "era" and his attempt to win his second Royal Rumble. He hasn't been the underdog in quite some time, but 1 in 30 odds will undoubtedly put him at a disadvantage. If anyone can make an explosive impact and maybe even a surprise return, It is Roman Reigns. 

Cody Rhodes or The Rock are two of the most likely WWE Champions by next January. Roman Reign's facing off with either (or both) of those superstars would make an incredible night two main event. Roman being the one to chase would make the match with Cody Rhodes feel fresh despite being third in the series. Roman returning to take down his powerful cousin once and for all would be equally must-see. It would amount to two titans fighting for family, glory, and the future of pro wrestling. A rubber match to determine the greatest of this generation or the last great intergenerational dream match are the incredible options sitting before the fans. Both are compelling and very much possible, provided Roman wins the Royal Rumble in January. 

Sami Zayn completes his underdog journey

Sami Zayn's status has most noticeably increased with his position on the card over the last three years. Sami went from a featured celebrity match to a tag team main event to a historic Intercontinental Championship win. Each year, the fan support for Zayn seems to grow. He has entirely organically built himself into a credible world champion, and WrestleMania has become a signature event for Zayn. Winning his final accolade there, the World Heavyweight Championship would be fitting for Sami's run since he started his WrestleMania journey with his hilarious and ongoing feud against Johnny Knoxville. 

Regarding early predictions for the 2025 Royal Rumble winner, Sami Zayn is almost the perfect combination of attributes. He is a very popular full-time star, but he has yet to be overexposed in the spotlight. He would not be a surprise either, but with stars like CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, or Seth Rollins on the card, he will still feel like an underdog winning it all. He would be a first-time world champion but has plenty of experience feuding with the top villains on Raw. Zayn is also a phenomenal athlete, so he can even go the distance from an early position where some of the older, less full-time, favorites can't. A new winner for a new era, Sami Zayn has all the pieces to win the Rumble next year. 

CM Punk earns his WrestleMania main event 

CM Punk still wants to main event a WrestleMania. Any fan of professional wrestling knows this, at least somewhere deep down. Nobody, and especially not on the radical side of wrestling fandom, should try to be an armchair therapist. It is a dangerous habit that comes with a bevy of unintended but adverse side effects. But in this one specific case, it seemed plain to see. He wanted it more than anything else, no matter what he said or did outside of WWE. Ultimately, that brought him back to WWE; it was his last shot at his dream of wrestling. Now, the best in the world has one of the best opportunities to win the Royal Rumble next year. He made his long-awaited return to the ring at the 2024 Rumble, making it to the final two. Next year could be his year to clinch that spot finally. 

WWE can always just hand CM Punk the moment he wants. In truth, defining a WrestleMania main event is somewhat unnecessarily tricky. The two Royal Rumble winners compete in the main event over two nights. It would seem easy to follow. However, WWE doesn't always give their Rumble winner the last match. That is why they sometimes run with up to four main event matches. Fans find that ridiculous most of the time, as do some of the talents more than likely. Regardless, CM Punk winning the men's Royal Rumble match is unambiguous; he would get the main event match at WrestleMania, which he has wanted his entire career. CM Punk winning the Rumble would be the easiest way to ensure Punk gets his dream match. In the process, it also puts a fan's favorite and a certified wrestling legend into a prominent position for two of the big four events on WWE's 2025 calendar. 

MJF makes an elite entrance into the WWE Universe 

AEW is almost certain to have resigned "MJF" Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who is currently out with injury. This is good news, too, because he makes AEW better every time he appears on TV. Some reputable sources say that the former world champion extended his contract in 2022, but none of those sources are MJF. Instead, his contract status has been kept tightly under wraps, making it entirely possible for him to join the WWE by January. If MJF did join the WWE in time for or even at the Royal Rumble, he would instantly be a top choice to win the entire thing. Is he a probable pick? Maybe not. However, he might be the most high-profile surprise WWE can book to win the Rumble next year. 

MJF would be the first person in WWE history to win the Rumble event upon their debut. Friedman's status as AEW's biggest original star would warrant earning that accolade, too. While many AEW signees need a little time to connect with the WWE fans, MJF is in his own category. He has the profile to be an instantly recognizable talent like Jade Cargill was last year. He is also a far more complete performer with main event experience. From a character perspective, MJF would be an excellent choice as the winner. He plays a cocky "I'm better than you" type, and winning that match to challenge his old mentor turned rival Cody Rhodes for the World Title would make a lot of sense. 

Favorite among predictions for the 2025 Royal Rumble Winner.

Of the four favorites discussed, predictions for the 2025 Royal Rumble winner are probably tilting toward CM Punk. Punk is an incredibly popular act on Raw at the moment. He was already a considerable favorite in 2023, with some believing he was even slated to win last year's event before getting injured mid-match. At the same time, each top contender and a few wildcard picks could make for exciting winners. CM Punk, though, offers the most uncomplicated path to a WrestleMania main event. Regardless of who the World Champion is, CM Punk, finally getting his WrestleMania moment, will get a massive reaction. Fans have followed him for years, knowing that his failure to win the big one on the biggest stage in wrestling has motivated Punk. Leading up to that match, CM Punk may become the most famous star in wrestling again. In that scenario, the young champion he squares off with will get a spotlight they have never experienced before.