ROH: Two new champions crowned at Supercard of Honor

Ring of Honor presented a big PPV where two new champions were crowned at the show.
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Not much happened on episode 59 of Honor Club, the first episode following Supercard of Honor. ROH Television Champion, Kyle Fletcher did defend his title against former ROH TV Champion Rhett Titus.

If you missed it, ATHENA retained the Women's Championship. As of Thursday, she is just 12 days shy of 500 days as champion. Her next win will be number 50 and she remains undefeated in ROH-sanctioned singles matches.

Who knew the way to get Bullet Club Gold on Honor Club was to hold a big show in Philadelphia? They had an unannounced Open Contract Signing for their Six-Man Titles. It was answered by MonsterSauce (Lance Archer and Alex Zayne) and Minoru Suzuki (Archer was in Suzuki-Gun). Now that they've retained and know how to get to Honor Club, they'll defend it there.

One of the biggest matches on the card was also one of the best matches of the night. The tournament finale of the ROH Women's Television Championship came down to Queen Aminata and Billie Starkz. They had a fantastic match that lasted a little of 17 minutes.

There was some controversy though. Nearly 15 minutes into the match, Aminata hit a senton onto her opponent and Starkz immediately grabbed referee Mike Posey's shirt. He quickly called in Doc Sampson to look at her neck. A concerned Aminata looked on while commentary expressed their own worries.

After placing Starkz in a neck brace, they walked her to the ropes. Aminata was sitting on the rope and Starkz hit a German Suplex before choking her. Starkz was crowned the inaugural Women's TV Champion.

Following the match, Starkz was confronted by her mother who was disgusted by the way she became champion. She lamented that ATHENA was a bad influence. Starkz then ran to her Minion Overlord to celebrate.

Although Eddie Kingston hasn't wrestled on Hnonor Club since November and Mark Briscoe hasn't wrestled there since January, they were given the main event spot. It's clear why this match was given this spot because of the compelling story. However, ATHENA has been the only champion to wrestle in Honor Club on a near weekly basis. She is the only champion who doesn't get to defend her title on AEW programming. She should've main evented her third consecutive pay-per-view.

April 5 marked exactly 11 years to the day that Briscoe's late brother, Jay, won the ROH World Championship. In fact, it was Kingston's idea to have this match. According to Khan on a media call, the Continental Champion burst into a meeting to tell Khan his idea and the signifigance of the match.

As soon as the match was announced, it was obvious that Briscoe would win. Nevertheless, the match was great. Kingston didn't go down easy. Briscoe wore a crimson mask early on. After winning with his brother's finisher, the Jay Driller, he was covered with colorful streamers thrown by fans. Some of the locker room came down to celebrate, much like they did when his brother won many years ago. It was a beautiful way to close the show.

ROH has an extremely talented group of champions and they should defend their titles on the brand that's represented on their belts. There's nothing wrong with defending titles on AEW (or even NJPW) programming, but a majoirty of their matches should be on Honor Club. When they're not wrestling, they should still be featured to build up their title and the storylines around it.

Last weekend marked two years of Khan holding his first Supercard. He needs to learn from the past year and start regularly booking his champions to be on ROH programming a majority of the time. If he can't, then the titles need to be on champions who are (mostly) exclusive to the brand.