The door is open for Claudio Castagnoli to have a big singles run in AEW

Claudio Castagnoli was once a hot signing from WWE, and AEW has an opportunity to give him a strong run involving his stablemate in Bryan Danielson.
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The top storyline in All Elite Wrestling focuses on The Young Bucks building a new iteration of The Elite. The character work is hilarious as it plays on stereotypes from other authority figures while adding Kazuchika Okada and Jack Perry to the mix. FTR, Eddie Kingston, and Bryan Danielson pulled up to oppose them, with Anarchy in the Arena set up for AEW Double or Nothing. But Danielson’s inclusion should be the piece that leads to a split among the Blackpool Combat Club, most notably, Claudio Castagnoli.

There are few things that are certain in life. Death. Taxes. And Claudio Castagnoli and Eddie Kingston fighting. Castagnoli recently walked out on BCC because of Danielson’s teaming with Kingston in this big match. In a promo that followed, he talked about hoping his friend can retire healthy, which is almost an oxymoron when talking about Danielson. He’s going to continue to put his body on the line with the dream matches that fans want to see while building up the rest of the AEW roster around him.

Imagine a storyline where that became the catalyst of frustration for Castagnoli. That concern festers to resentment as Danielson continues to partner with Castagnoli’s hated foe, leading to him getting hurt at the PPV. From there, Castagnoli decides that he’s the right man to eventually retire Danielson, doing him a favor that he won’t do for himself.

Recently, AEW has done multiple vignettes on Castagnoli talking about his dedication to wrestling and his quest to be the best. It’s time to see that turned into a push for another singles championship. Before Castagnoli made the jump from WWE, many complained that the company wasn’t using him to his full potential. This was correct, as Castagnoli was seen as one of the best performers in the game.

His initial introduction to AEW was handled well, all the way up to him winning the Ring of Honor World Championship. But his involvement with Chris Jericho (much to the surprise of no one) sapped away some of his momentum. Castagnoli was still put in big matches and presented as a threat, but never picked up the big wins that led to him being the main focal point of a championship run on AEW’s main shows. Now is the opening to fix that situation.

Ethan Page recently parted ways with AEW. He is an exceptional talent who fell victim to AEW’s stacked roster. The same should not happen to Claudio Castagnoli. Involving him in an angle against Bryan Danielson could be a step to reignite his flame for a well-deserved title run within AEW.