The Rock & Roman Reigns as a new version of the Two-Man Power Trip is an interesting twist

If Cody Rhodes looks to finish his story at WrestleMania 40 he may find himself pushing through both The Rock and Roman Reigns.
Vegas Vipers v Arlington Renegades
Vegas Vipers v Arlington Renegades / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The road to WrestleMania 40 is on fire. The promotion wanted to go in one direction but it looks like widespread and potentially toxic fan backlash has caused WWE to change course. Roman Reigns versus Cody Rhodes is back on. That’s the battle everyone wanted to see, but there seems to be an added wrinkle of The Rock sided with his cousin over the apparent disrespect uttered by Rhodes. If The Rock and Roman Reigns are really forming an alliance, this is something that could capture the attention of fans.

Remember the days of the Two Man Power Trip? For about three months, Steve Austin and Triple H terrorized the WWE roster. They were not only the WWF Tag Team Champions, but Austin held the WWF Championship while Triple H was the Intercontinental Champion. All the gold was in the hands of those two men and they flaunted it as the top heels in the industry. That was until they disbanded and went back to their ways battling each other.

The Rock and Reigns would be a perfect encapsulation of power going to their head in 2024. Reigns is the dominant champion, the Head of the Table as some would say. The Rock is now a board member of TKO Group Holdings. Reports are flowing that The Rock is prepared to lean into a heel persona, bringing back shades of Hollywood Rock. He even told Triple H that if he doesn’t fix it, they will. Asserting the idea that they are already power players that run the organization. This could work leading into WrestleMania 40, setting the stage for Rhodes to have to overcome an even bigger hurdle before “finishing his story.”

Think of Rhodes and Seth Rollins taking on Reigns and The Rock at Night One of WrestleMania. The promo video released by WWE seems to hint at some sort of tag match coming. But Rollins is supposed to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the winner of the Elimination Chamber in Perth. A tag match doesn’t make immediate sense from a storyline standpoint, but with seven weeks before the big show there is room to adjust.

When The Rock and Roman Reigns do finally lock horns in a singles match, it should not revolve around the WWE Undisputed Championship. That title needs to move on to keep the rest of the men’s division battling for a top prize. Putting The Rock and Roman Reigns together in a team creates the opportunity to have a big tag match, and then the inevitable split as nearly all teams do.

Bringing The Rock back for a “WrestleMania Moment” is understandable, but it should have never involved the main event picture. This swerve has the potential to correct that mistake and create multiple matches that would capture headlines. The Two Man Power Trip with a Samoan twist. Book it WWE.