Three WWE superstars that could benefit from a character change

A character change goes a long way in helping some wrestlers get over and these are three names that could benefit from the shift.

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Personality is a big part of what helps get a character over in professional wrestling or sports entertainment. For some performers, it’s a bigger component in what helps them get over with the crowd. There are several examples of wrestlers that are better characters than they are in-ring workers. A change in character can go a long way in creating a surge of momentum. These are three individuals on the WWE roster that could benefit from a shift in their on-screen character.

Chad Gable

WWE fans want to see Chad Gable get a push. It looked like it was coming after those classic battles with GUNTHER. Now, he’s heading into a big gauntlet match on WWE Raw to determine if he’ll get another shot at WrestleMania 40. He and Sami Zayn stand out as the favorites to win this match, but it’s a tough question to decide who will get the win. Let’s say Gable runs the table just to lose to Zayn, or vice versa. The door is open for Gable to make a turn towards the dark side either at WrestleMania or immediately after. It would be an interesting character change to see Gable as a heel and break off from Alpha Academy in pursuit of his first singles championship.

Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair is a challenging character to switch. Some have likened her to John Cena, meaning she’d be one who would never go the heel route after getting so over with the fans as a babyface. But there’s an opportunity to make Belair into an even bigger star with a heel turn. Imagine if she goes full heel and begins working alongside a heel Montez Ford. The latter is already working more of an edgy character alongside Bobby Lashley. Pitting them together as a power couple would be an interesting creative development for them both.

Damian Priest

Senor Money in the Bank is going to get a character change whether he wants it or not. That’s going to come to the hands of Judgment Day when they kick him out of the group. Judgment Day has long said there’s no leader in the group, but Priest’s behavior continues to lean toward the idea that he’s in charge. Well, when that group eventually loses the tag titles and he fails to cash in the briefcase, which will be the onus needed for the others to turn on him. Will that immediately make Priest a babyface? Maybe more like a tweener, but he can play that role well as he showed during his time in WWE NXT. It will be interesting to see if this is enough to get him into the main event title picture.