Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes are two big stars for the future of WWE

Fans love Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. The two men should be central figures for years to come in WWE.
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NXT Vengeance Day ended with the big angle that everyone had seen coming for months. Carmelo Hayes turned on Trick Williams, attacking him after an excellent match with Ilja Dragunov. Hayes basically “Whopped that Trick,” for minutes on end as the show closed, to a huge reaction from viewers. This moment and that reaction continued to add layers of proof to the stance that WWE has two big stars for the future in both Hayes and Williams.

WWE had something special in the friendship that Hayes and Williams showed on television each week. The viewer base lets them know through both weekly support and widely positive comments online. Hayes was seen as the outright star, but Williams was able to catch him and become a highly praised name in his own right. Both Dave Meltzer and Haus of Wrestling noted that Williams is seen as a big part of WWE NXT and WWE Creative Team members were pleased with the reaction he received when he appeared on WWE SmackDown.

Now, it will be interesting to see where WWE goes with the two men next. Williams versus Hayes will undoubtedly be a major match at NXT Stand & Deliver on April 6. It should be the send-off match for Hayes that sees him finally join the SmackDown or Monday Night Raw brands. From there, Williams becoming the NXT Champion is the only move left to make. But there’s an opportunity to continue coming back to these two when they are both on the main roster.

It's too soon to say that Hayes and Williams have the potential to tell a “best friend” angle like Mercedes Mone and Bayley. Those two ladies captivated fans with their ability to flip the switch at any time, going from the tightest of partners to the most bitter of enemies. That skill set created some of the best matches and highest-viewed segments across WWE during that time. It’s too soon to say that Williams and Hayes can do the same, but here’s to hoping that they will see the space and opportunity to do so.

There’s something about seeing a wholesome kinship between two Black male performers in professional wrestling. It’s one of the things that makes The New Day a beloved faction all these years after its inception. WWE has the opportunity to do something similar with Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. But the two will have to get through some strife first, and it could be a story that builds them both into major stars for years to come.