Carmelo Hayes vs Trick Williams is a main event for NXT during WrestleMania Weekend

WWE NXT has the perfect storyline building towards a Carmelo Hayes versus Trick Williams main event for NXT during WrestleMania weekend.
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Coming up on Tuesday, one of the top rising stars of 2023, Trick Williams has the opportunity to capture the NXT Championship in a battle against Ilja Dragunov. It has been a whirlwind of 2023 for both Hayes and WIlliams. At NXT Stand & Deliver in April, Hayes defeated Bron Breakker to become the new NXT Champion.

Hayes would have a great run and went on to hold the title for five months. During this same time frame, the WWE Universe watched WIlliams organically grow into a superstar in his own right. As we stand today, WIlliams is arguably the top babyface in NXT, but it took battles with Dragunov, Breakker, Dijak, and others to get him there.

Williams wanted to make a name for himself and he has done just that. As it stands today, the two have remained allies, but things will likely be changing soon. We knew this change was coming at the exact moment the seed was planted for a future match between Williams and Hayes. A relatable storyline about trust and deceit.

Not only did this attack cost Williams his shot at the title, Hayes was the one who was victorious in the number one contender match that Williams was supposed to be in. In a rarity, Hayes would "miss" and lose against to Dragunov at NXT Halloween Havoc. While Williams' dreams were crushed, that didn't stop him and he was determined to make his dream come to fruition. In a match against Joe Coffey of Gallus on NXT a couple of weeks later, Williams qualified for the NXT Iron Survivor Challenge at NXT Deadline in hopes of getting his shot at Dragunov which was taken from him before.

With only a few days left until we find out whether or not WIlliams will win the title, things still won't be settled with Hayes. As Williams is in the midst of a feud with Dragunov and has moved forward from his unprecedented attack a month ago, Hayes once again inserts himself into Williams' business with Dragunov and creates more of a squabble in Trick Melo Gang.

We will see if Williams can capture the NXT Championship in a few days, but where is next for Williams and Hayes? As it appears today, we have a long-term storyline that will likely come to an end WrestleMania weekend. These two have been through it all together and their days left in NXT are more than likely numbered. The end of a story of this magnitude has to headline WrestleMania for the brand and will give both of them the closure they deserve. Over the next couple of months, we will see this story continue to play out and a perfect ending for their careers on the brand will end with each other. Williams doesn't need to the title for this story, but it certainly wouldn't hurt the build.

For now, sit back and enjoy one of the most exhilarating storylines NXT has ever had. It seems like just a few months ago, people expected these two to join forces with Bobby Lashley's new faction on WWE Smackdown. The organic growth of Williams may have altered those plans and we now have a momentous feud brewing before our eyes that deserves and will get the biggest stage the brand has to offer.

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