WWE 2k24: Who is ranked too low, and who is ranked too high?

The WWE 2k24 roster has been revealed and there are several questionable rankings in what is already a subjective conversation.

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WWE 2k24 is the next edition in WWE’s annual sports entertainment video game. After the well received 2k23 hit the shelves, fans are excited about what this next iteration will bring to the simulation space. The full roster has been revealed with many of the performers rankings listed. While this is all subjective, there are some that stand out as head scratchers for both being too high or too low. 

TOO LOW: Chad Gable (80)

Chad Gable may be best known for his tag team work in WWE, but to rank him at the B- level when it comes to being a singles performer is a bit too low. This is the man with some of the best technical wrestling on the roster. When given the opportunity, he could put on a great match with anyone. Just look back at some of his 2023 matches including his series with GUNTHER, Ludvig Kaiser, and others. This is a guy that should have a breakout 2024 and finally reach a singles title. His ranking is far too low. 

TOO HIGH: Dominick Mysterio (83) 

Ok, so at one point, Dominick Mysterio, or Tom & Nick if you ask R-Truth, was a lightning rod of a topic. Fans would boo him just too boo, with critics swearing the reaction was piped in. And it was at times. Cowering behind Rhea Ripley made him one of the most hated individuals on the roster. He even picked up a singles championship in the WWE NXT North American Championship. But how does that translate into such a high ranking? When compared to some of his peers in the Judgment Day it seems like his score would have been much more realistic if it was slotted in the 70s. 

TOO HIGH: Jinder Mahal (74) 

This isn’t meant to “Hinder Jinder” but come on, what has he done to garner a strong ranking such as a 74. Recently he was involved in a hotly debated topic on social media, but none of it had to do with his in-ring abilities. Mahal’s run as champion was something that left a sour taste in the mouths of many WWE viewers, and as someone that in-frequently competes on television, there’s no reason why his ranking is higher than anyone else on the men’s roster. 

TOO LOW: Zelina Vega (74) 

Zelina Vega should not be this low. While she may not be on the same level as the top three to five in the division, Vega’s a pillar that can be inserted into a top position at any time. With nearly 15 years of experience she has developed a strong fan following that continues to shower her with praise whenever she’s on camera. Perhaps higher up in the 70s or even the low 80s would have made more sense for the former Queen of the Ring. 

Daily DDT will keep an eye out for the entire list of rankings in WWE 2k24. Fans and performers alike will surely have a lot to say about who is slotted where on the list. 

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