WWE Monday Night Raw to feature strong first round tournament matches

There are several big matches on WWE Monday Night Raw to put high-level professional wrestling on display.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

The 2024 King and Queen of the Ring tournaments are set to begin. WWE has announced the matches for the WWE Monday Night Raw side of the brackets. With matches set to kick off on the May 6 edition of the show, WWE is clearly working to put some of its best offerings of high-level professional wrestling forward. 

Drew McIntyre versus Finn Balor, Kofi Kingston versus Rey Mysterio, Ricochet versus Ilja Dragunov, and GUNTHER versus Sheamus round out the men’s side for Raw. These are four amazing matches, each one interesting in their own way. Fans have seen McIntyre versus Balor and Gunther versus Sheamus in the past. But that doesn’t change any of the excitement for either. Especially that last match. Gunther versus Sheamus on free television? Yes, please! They both set the stage for what will be hard-hitting matches with some of the best veterans on the WWE roster. 

Kingston versus Mysterio is interesting as well. These two have been a part of the same roster for nearly two decades. Legends in their own right. Multiple time champions across the shows. But they’ve never faced off in a one-on-one battle. This is the first time they will lock up in what will be a fun match from start to finish. 

Dragunov versus Ricochet? Again, yes please! Dragunov is the understandable favorite to pick up the win. WWE wouldn’t introduce him with a loss, but Ricochet has been on a tear, recently picking up the WWE Speed championship. Even more interesting. If both Dragunov and GUNTHER win, that means fans will get a rematch of one of the best professional wrestling matches in the last few years. And yes, that match would be on free television. 

The women’s side has intrigue as well. Lyra Valkyria versus Asuka is a first round matchup that has the makings to be amazing from start to finish. Zoey Stark versus Ivy Nile is another that should be hard-hitting between two women that both have the potential to be champions. Iyo Sky versus Natalya features two great veterans, but Sky should be the favorite to move forward as she’s just coming off a championship run. Shayna Baszler versus Zelina Vega is interesting because it brings in the last woman to win the crown. But if Baszler and Stark both win, the tag team partners face each other in the second round which will be a fun battle. 

WWE does professional wrestling well when it dedicates itself to the cause. The Monday Night Raw side of the bracket features some great matches that will scratch the wrestling itch that fans need from time to time.