WWE Money in the Bank Predictions: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match

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This Sunday, a historic ladder match takes place in the main event of Money in the Bank.

John Cena, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Kane, Sheamus, and Alberto Del Rio all vie for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which will be hanging above the ring.

Everybody had to work their way into this match, except Orton and Kane, and Reigns did the most leg work; food poisoning his way into a battle royal, then winning the battle royal.

While ADR seems highly-unlikely to win this match, any of the other seven men could conceivably go home with the two title belts.

After the leaked potential SummerSlam poster, which seemed to pit Cena against a returning Brock Lesnar, many believed Cena to be the overwhelming favorite. Now, rumors have said that even if Cena is champion by SummerSlam, he may not win it at Money in the Bank so that it’s not too predictable.

Let’s get straight to the predictions, as Daily DDT staff members Michael Dunlap, Alex Del Barrio, Benjamin Raven, Lance Augustine, Luther Fraser, and myself, Mike Smith, will tell you who is going to walk out of Money in the Bank as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Michael’s Take: As usual, this match is going to be filled with storylines within the match. Triple H put Kane in the match to ensure Roman Reigns doesn’t win the title, Cesaro and Sheamus have had their battles, Wyatt and Cena just got out of a hot feud and Del Rio has recently reminded us of how dangerous he is. With all of that said, I think it’s Wyatt’s time. Perhaps his cronies get involved in order to help Wyatt ascend the ladder (figuratively and literally) to claim the championship.

Alex’s Take: There are certainly some safe choices they could go with in this match with Cena and Orton. Are they ready to anoint Reigns or Cesaro as champion? I’m not so sure. My guess is they won’t give someone the strap just for them to lose at Battleground. Someone will carry the title until SummerSlam. My guess is they go with the safe choice and give Cena a win here. He will carry until SummerSlam and eventually drop it to Lesnar. He will have no problem putting him over and gets the strap on a credible babyface challenger to Lesnar.

Benjamin’s Take: If only we could trade out the likes of Del Rio and Sheamus for Rollins and Ambrose, but since we can’t I’ll try and not be bitter and move on. I can’t imagine ADR, Cesaro, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt or Randy Orton winning this thing so that leaves me down to Cena, Kane and Roman Reigns. I doubt WWE is ready to put the belt on Reigns, even though it would serve as a great moment and could be worth the risk. I see Cena winning this thing, and no not just because the SummerSlam poster was leaked. He’s going to hold this title sometime so it might as well come when the WWE WHC is vacated.

Lance’s Take: The WWE has done a great job of building suspense for this match. Reminds me of the Attitude Era where a lot of PPV championship matches kept you guessing. I will I start with who will not win this match. Alberto Del Rio hasn’t had a solid storyline in a long time. Not that eliminates him, but he has no potential feuds and I think his “drawing” days, if they ever existed, are well behind him. Sheamus is another one with no real direction, and I feel like would have a hard time finding potential oppenents to challenge him for the gold. Those two I feel like are the “odd men out”, and are the ones that just needed to fill the match out. Anyone other superstar in this match has the potential of bringing down the belts. Then there is the ever looming idea of splitting the titles once again. This thought can not be ignored and has a huge potential to happen in this match. Randy Orton has run his time as champion for the time being, and Roman Reigns and Cesaro I feel like are going to get there time, but they are still very early in there careers. Kane, although I have seen odder stuff happen, I don’t think has a realistic shot. Bray Wyatt, also being a younger talent, has been on fire as of late, and I would love to see him win. He has a lot of potential great matchups, and we can’t forget pinning Daniel Bryan clean at the Royal Rumble. My head however, knowing how things work, have me leaning in another direction. My heart is for Bray Wyatt to win the belt, but my head has John Cena winning, setting up potential feuds with Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan down the line.

Luther’s Take: Obviously the logical winner here is John Cena, what with the return of Brock Lesnar and needing a face champion. However, for the sake of my prediction I’ll go with a Bray Wyatt win which can start The Wyatt Family takeover of the WWE with Harper and Rowan winning the tag titles. If WWE cop out with one superstar grabbing a title each, this writer shall not be very happy.

Mike’s Take: This match is completely unpredictable right now, but what happens before this match will rule out some scenarios. What Daniel Bryan has to say will have a huge effect on what happens here. Based on my earlier prediction, I think a heel will win this match, so that they can face Bryan at Battleground. That takes out Sheamus, Reigns and Cena. ADR doesn’t have a chance, and I think Cesaro and Bray will be heavily protected in defeat. That leaves Kane and Orton. After the display from those two at the end of SmackDown, the logical choice is Orton with a lot of help from Kane. Kane may turn on The Authority eventually, but that would turn him face, and that would not work for a match with Bryan. Official prediction: Randy Orton wins the title, but loses to Bryan at Battleground.

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