Dean Ambrose Should Face Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 31


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When Seth Rollins turned on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in June to break up the Shield and join the Authority, many expected Reigns to be the breakout star.

The former powerhouse of the Shield started being pushed as a star at last year’s Survivor Series when he eliminated most of the opposing team and then at Royal Rumble when he set the elimination record for the match with twelve. Before his injury, Reigns was in the middle of a meteoric push to the top of the WWE card.

Rollins was seen as a possible babyface because of his athleticism and high-flying moves that he could perform on any given night. The heel turn for him was somewhat of a surprise.

Then there’s Ambrose, who everyone thought would be the heel of the group when they eventually broke up. The way how he carried his character around and butted heads with Reigns at times showed some of his potentially evil side. He would up staying as a babyface following the break up of the Shield.

What nobody expected from Dean Ambrose was for him to become the breakout star from the trio.

The lunatic fringe character is incredibly over with the crowd. It seems very natural and it made him turn into the next anti-hero for WWE. It doesn’t hurt that his feud with Rollins has been fantastic as well.

Regarding WWE anti-heroes – who immediately comes to mind when you give that some thought? Who reportedly could come back to wrestle one more match at Wrestlemania 31?

Dean Ambrose has been compared to this man before – his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Seeing these two go at it at Wrestlemania 31 could be a lot of fun.

The goal of this would obviously be for Austin to put over Ambrose. There would be no better candidate than SCSA to do this, given how similar these guys are. They don’t like having allies, as shown by Austin’s entire career and what happened between Ambrose and John Cena the other night on Raw. They are both very edgy characters that don’t care about many things other than getting their hands on their opponents. The theme music for both of them is also very unique and has an edge to them.

One of the great things about putting Ambrose and Austin in a rivalry is that neither of them has to play the bad guy in all of this. Having them play their natural characters and talking about wanting to beat the snot out of each other on a weekly basis in a build up to WM 31 would make for some compelling TV from February going into March. How could you not be hooked on what these two renegades could say to each other?

Seeing these two in the ring would be interesting as well. You would just have to wonder how physical of a match that Stone Cold could take at this point in his life at age 49 along with the previous neck problems that ended his career in 2003. If he trains hard enough to be able to take those rough bumps that an electric Ambrose could give him, it could make for a compelling show.

A Wrestlemania 31 match between Dean Ambrose and Steve Austin would make for one of the highlights of the night. It would be great to see happen, but Austin would need to confirm an in-ring return first for this to be possible.

Would you want to see Ambrose and Austin face off next March?