The Mishandling Of Titus O’Neil in WWE


Will 2015 finally be “The Year Of The Gator?”

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The topic of “Who Deserves a Push?” is a popular debate among my friends and I when we discuss wrestling. It’s been a longtime since World Wrestling Entertainment has surprised us all and actually pushed a wrestler we didn’t expect the push towards super-stardom. Thaddeus Bullard Sr. a.k.a. Titus O’Neil has always been in the main event spotlight. From winning SEC Championships and a National Championship at the University of Florida, Titus knows how to play on the biggest stage.

Titus O’Neil hasn’t come close to reaching his full potential in the WWE, the only question I have is why? In the past, WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon has fallen in love with the idea of making a huge star out of an athlete who is big, strong, and has a charming personality to be among the best WWE Superstars in the game. It wasn’t that long ago the Prime Time Players got over with the WWE universe, causing the likes of Michael Cole and JBL to feed us lines about how strong the big guy was and how he’s destined for greatness.

When O’Neil finally turned his back on his Prime Time Players teammate Darren Young, many WWE fans, like myself thought the 6’6” 270 pounds former Florida Gator was on his way to super-stardom. World Wrestling Entertainment has without question dropped the ball on building another talented performer. Not only does Titus O’ Neil have the look, charisma and the wrestling ability to be a top talent night in and night out, but he can also be a star out of the ring as well.

There were plenty of story lines that have gone by that Titus could benefit from. O’Neil in my opinion could do a better job playing a security guard for Seth Rollins than J & J Security? Or couldn’t O’Neil be a better entertaining C.O.O. than Kane, or be a better main event heel than Big Show? Regarding the Survivor Series angle between Team Authority versus Team Cena, if you were building a team would you really pick Erick Rowan over Titus O’Neil? He has shown a great character when call upon, from his former role as “Pancake” Rufus Patterson, or even his backstage promos with Tom Philips on the WWE App Titus fits the bill in every category possible, and it’s a travesty he doesn’t have a bigger role in World Wrestling Entertainment.

On a personal note, as an African-American, it’s important for me to see Titus ascend to main event status. With the exception of The Rock, there’s never been a WWE World Heavyweight Champion from my ethnicity. Big Show has been the WWE Champion, even Kane has won the big one. That’s the one thing I do respect from WCW because they made history, and capitalized on the charisma and talent of African-Americans such as Ron Simmons and Booker T. It gives guys like myself a chance who try to rise above the stereotypes when it comes to succeeding in the world. Just reaching the top of the mountain at least once sheds away the notion that we don’t belong.

It seems as though Titus’s solo career is on pause again and the reunion of the Prime Time Players is in full affect after they got a big win on Raw over The Ascension. Hopefully, this reunion is short-lived and Titus could at least compete for the Intercontinental Championship because World Wrestling Entertainment is missing a great opportunity to build one of their most charismatic wrestlers on the main roster today. You’ve heard my opinion, now I want to hear from you. Is Titus O’Neil underutilized in the WWE? Leave your comments below.

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