WWE Hall of Fame 2015: List of Inductees


The WWE 2015 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes place tonight at 8 pm Eastern/ 5 pm Pacific. This year, 9 new inductees will be join the Hall of Fame, as well as the first presentation of the Warrior Award. Take some time to get to know the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

Randy Savage – 2 time WWF Champion, Intercontinental Champion, 1987 King of the Ring, 4 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. “Macho Man” Randy Savage was a main-event talent in the WWF, teaming with Hulk Hogan to form the Mega Powers. He won the one-night title tournament at WrestleMania IV, and held the title for over a year. Savage then main-evented WrestleMania V against Hogan after the Mega Powers exploded from Savage’s jealousy about his valet, Miss Elizabeth. The reunion of Savage and Miss Elizabeth at WrestleMania VII is one of the most emotional moments in wrestling history. Savage was a great combination of speed, technical ability, showmanship, strength, and knowledge.

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Kevin Nash – WWF Champion, WWF Intercontinental Champion, 2 Time WWF Tag Team Champion, 5 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, 9 time WCW Tag Team Champion. As Diesel in WWF and Kevin Nash in WCW and his later WWE runs, Nash was a constant in wrestling programming for over 15 years. Nash was involved in the New World Order with fellow Hall of Famers Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan, and that group was one of the most influential factions in wrestling history. At 6’10”, Nash displayed tremendous agility for a man of his size in the ring, and was a part of one of the most important kayfabe groups in wrestling history, the Kliq.

Rikishi – WWF Intercontinental Champion, 3 time WWF/E Tag Team Champion. Also known as Fatu during his initial WWF run, Rikishi entertained WWE audiences for many years. He was part of popular tag teams in The Headshrinkers and then Too Cool, winning tag titles with each. He enjoyed his most singles success in 2000, winning the IC title and being involved in the main event at Armageddon 2000 in the 6-man Hell in the Cell match. Rikishi is the father of current WWE tag team the Usos.

The Bushwhackers – Despite never winning tag team titles in the WWF, the Bushwhackers were a popular midcard act for the WWF in the early to mid 1990s. The team enjoyed success at various other promotions and were still very prominent in the tag division of the WWF. Their “Bushwhacker Walk” was extremely fun and made them a popular comedic act for the better part of a decade.

Alundra Blayze – 3 time WWF Women’s Champion. Despite her run in WWF being short, Blayze was a talented and popular competitor in the women’s division. Blayze also competed as Madusa in WCW, particpating in one of the most memorable moments in the Monday Night Wars when she appeared on Nitro and threw the WWF Women’s Championship into the trash can. Blayze is a one time WCW Cruiserweight champion as well, defeated Evan Karagias for the title.

Larry Zbysko – WWF Tag Team Champion. Zbysko is known for his battles with his mentor and Hall of Fame inductor Bruno Sammartino in his first run with the WWWF. Zbysko also was active in the AWA, NWA, TNA and WCW. “The Living Legend” as he was known was an active competitor for over 30 years. He was a part of two of the WarGames matches in WCW and both were rated as 5 star matches by Wrestling Observer Newsletter. If you’ve never seen a WarGames match, check them out here.

Tatsumi Fujinami – WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion, WWF International Champion, 6 time IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Fujinami was a legendary competitor in New Japan Pro Wrestling for over 30 years. Fujinami is still an active competitor at over 60 years of age and shows no sign of slowing down. He is also the innovator of the Dragon Sleeper and the Dragon Suplex.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Former California Governor and international movie star of films such as Total Recall, Predator, and the Terminator series. Schwarzenegger has been involved in wrestling through his friendships with Bruno Sammartino and Superstar Billy Graham. Arnold has also made an appearance on Smackdown in 1999 where he was given the World Box Office Championship.

Connor Michalek – Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, an avid 8 year old WWE fan who passed away this past year is the first recipient of the Warrior Award, named after the Ultimate Warrior. WWE explains the award: “The Warrior Award will be given to someone who has exhibited unwavering strength and perseverance, and who lives life with the courage and compassion that embodies the indomitable spirit of WWE Hall of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior.” Michalek was an avid fan whose spirit gave birth to the Connor’s Cure foundation, a fund whose goal is to give money to paediatric cancer research. Connor became very close with many WWE superstars, including Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Daniel Bryan. The Warrior Award is a fitting memorial to a brave fan of the WWE.

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