WWE Extreme Rules: Tag Team Title Match Should Be on the Show


The WWE Tag Team Championship Match has been booked for the Extreme Rules pre-show instead of the actual pay-per-view event. The tag team division deserves better treatment and more attention from management and creative. 

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Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Cesaro and Kidd vs. New Day is not on the actual Extreme Rules show? I know for the majority of the viewers of the pay-per-view that they will be watching it on the WWE Network (for only $9.99 a month). It really doesn’t matter anymore and the pay-per-view isn’t actually the event it used to be, but it’s more of the principle than anything.

I miss the days of great tag team wrestling, when house shows would be headlined by The Hart Foundation vs. The British Bulldogs, Demolition vs. The Powers of Pain, The Road Warriors vs. The Horsemen and The Midnight Express vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Those were great days to watch wrestling.

It’s not like the WWE is lacking good tag teams. Even with Jey Uso sidelined with an injury, they still have a some really good teams with two of them being displayed on the pre-show of Extreme Rules. Cesaro and Kidd are both outstanding wrestlers and together, they have made a fantastic team. They even work on the true details of being a tag team, like working the double teams and duel maneuvers.

New Day bringing in the “Free Bird Rule” of any two of the three might be the tag team that night is interesting to me. I like Kofi Kingston and Big E as a tag team. Xavier Woods is a better manager/mouth piece for the team than a member of the tag team, similar to how Buddy Roberts was with the original Free Birds. I think they could be a new version of the old Hart Foundation with Bret Hart and the Anvil Jim Neidhart, with the technical and speed from Kingston and the power of Big E. They could be a very good team together.

This match could be a really good one and may set the tone for the rest of the show. I would love to see these four guys go out there and have a 15-20 minute showdown that gets the crowd on their feet wanting more and making management take notice that the tag teams should be featured a lot more and in better spots.

After the showing the featured tag teams had at WrestleMania, I figured that maybe they would start getting more respect and time on Raw and SmackDown. While they are getting some time on those shows, they still aren’t getting the attention they deserve by being a part of the PPV.

As far as value and performance goes, the fans would have been better served with having Big Show vs. Roman Reigns on the pre-show and letting the tag teams have their spot.

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