WWE: How Things Could Have Changed for The Authority


Has “The Authority” gotten stale? Some may say so, but there is still life left in the group and enough stories that can be told with them. Everything needs a little shake up now and then, and “The Authority” is no exception. But what could have been done to the “The Authority” so that they would have had new life in them, and is it too late for it to happen still?

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Most times when one featured group or performer starts to get a little stale and they’ve run their course, a turn will usually add a spark back to the character for a little while. But I’m not too keen on having the “boss” being the “good guy” unless you have an even more dominant figure to put them up against. This is where Brock Lesnar would have worked well against “The Authority”.

Instead of running with Lesnar the whole way and turning him face – Heyman could have convinced Brock that he was no longer going to defend his title and that he would retire the WWE World Heavyweight title. This forcing “The Authority” to join forces with the WWE roster to try to find someone to aid them in regaining the title. They would be trying to gain back the trust of the same roster that they had walked on for over a year.

One-by-one, the roster could have stepped forward to aid the “The Authority”, only to be beaten down by “The Beast Incarnate”. Even Triple H himself would have to have to trade in his suit and tie for his boots and sledge-hammer, but he would also fail and do so in a violent way.

While the beating would continue at the hands of Lesnar, one would step up to save “The Game” – Daniel Bryan would have been my choice for this, but his health would have been a concern. John Cena is an obvious choice and maybe it would have worked, but instead of Cena playing the hero – what if he also fell victim to Brock’s carnage? Enter Roman Reigns.

This could have set up the battle of who the WWE wanted as the new face of the company vs. unbeatable monster, Brock Lesnar. It would have to happen as an all of a sudden event to strike the crowd right and not let the buildup be forced down the fans throats and only have them turn against Reigns.

This could have been easily done and it would have not only freshened up “The Authority”, but also move Reigns up the ranks as a legit main event performer.

Of course the newly found honor and respect “The Authority” had wouldn’t be allowed to last forever. Eventually one would have to turn on the other. To do things differently than the normal “bad guys being bad guys all along”, Seth Rollins could finally cash in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase at time of Reigns being weak and Reigns demanding his rematch under his terms for helping Triple H and Stephanie in their time of need.

“The Authority” would do what they could to accommodate Reigns but again he’d fall short, but instead of accepting the loss, he’d continue to blame them for not doing enough to make sure he won. Triple H and Steph taking the high road saying that real champions don’t make excuses, they man up and move on. This would anger Reigns and he’d take out his anger on them, thus setting up a payoff match between Triple H and Reigns.

Reigns would come out on top with the help of some hired hands and a reunion with his former Shield brother, Seth Rollins. Add the Big Show, Kane, Luke Harper, or a returning Sheamus with Rollins as the hired hands. With Reigns standing tall over a fallen Triple H, the event would end leaving the fans wondering why Reigns and Rollins are teaming up now.

Lead off Raw with Reigns and Rollins in the ring with the other help standing in the background. Rollins would announce that they reunited with a common goal of putting down “The Authority” for turning their backs on who made them powerful and with the help of their hired hands; they ended Triple H and Stephanie’s reign on the WWE.

Reigns then would grab the mic and say that the real “Authority” is here and the real “Authority” is who paid for the hired hands and orchestrated this whole thing.”No chance in Hell…you’ve got no chance, no chance in Hell”. Enter Mr. McMahon to take back what he built.

This could set up Vince McMahon’s creation vs. Triple H’s creation – Vince’s WWE team vs. Triple H’s NXT team – with the call up of some new stars that are ready for the move to the next roster. It would be a touch of the Nexus vs. WWE angle and a little of what the “Invasion” angle was, but with this new WWE landscape to paint the story.

All of this could essentially still happen without the Brock Lesnar part being played out exactly. Rollins still could look to Vince for help now that Triple H isn’t playing ball like Rollins wants. This could set up Vince coming back, helping the ratings and breathe in some new life to “The Authority”. It would also allow for some of the NXT guys to get the exposure they deserve and create a little more excitement for the WWE Universe.

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