WWE: What Should Be Next for New Day? A New Member?


Finally the New Day is starting to look like an interesting group. They had an excellent match against Tyson Kidd and Cesaro at WWE Extreme Rules to win the WWE Tag Team Titles. They have now moved into the “heel” stages of their character, but still holding on to their “positive attitude.” I feel like they are set up to soon have a new member, but not a wrestling one. 

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Have you noticed who is the only one cheering for The New Day still? Even before the fans started to dump on them, there was one person who stood up for them and praised them. Now that they have turned heel, that one person still remains on their bandwagon. Only now that person might be the one leading the charge.

Will Booker T finally make the move to become the manager behind The New Day?

Did you hear him on the pay-per-view when Kofi Kingston pulled the tights to hold on to the win? Cole was pointing it out and Booker said he didn’t see anything. He acted as if nothing happened, perfectly played Booker but not that subtle. It was kind of Bobby Heenan-esque of when he was on the commentators table.

I’ve thought this would happen when there was early talk about the Nation of Domination reformation. If that group were to succeed, they’d need to have a strong mouthpiece behind them. Nothing against Xavier Wood or Big E, they can talk just fine, but neither one have the experience or the value that Booker T has as a character.

I like Booker on the announcer’s table with JBL and Cole. I think he adds a nice element to the group, but I’m more of a fan of Booker T the wrestler.

I can see Booker T as the manager to pick who will defend the title each match. While it hasn’t been said, I’ll just go ahead and assume that the “Free Birds” rule might be in play where any two of the three can wrestle.

So if this were to happen, and I think there is a strong possibility it will for New Day and Booker to join forces; where do they go after they are done with Cesaro and Kidd?

Hopefully WWE allows these two teams to have a little longer feud because they have good chemistry with each other. I suspect (hope) that The Prime Time Players will get at least a shot at the belts. I think they could really play off the crowd really well against the clapping of the New Day.

My greatest hope is for these teams to battle it out with each other until the Usos make their return. This is where I’d love to see all three New Day members vs. Usos and Roman Reigns work a short program with each other. Reigns and Big E I think could have an interesting match against each other. It would also give Big E another shot at singles glory while staying with the group that is getting over.

Reigns might not be in the World Title picture once Brock Lesnar is back in the mix if Rollins and Brock are to go after the title against each other.

This could happen right around Summer Slam, likely when the Usos will be back from their injury leave. So having Reigns in a short story with his family and a popular team could help get the crowd more on his side and then maybe the crowd will accept him more as a main event player.

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