Natural Heel Column: How WWE Should Book Roman Reigns


How should WWE book Roman Reigns going forward?

We’ve known about WWE’s strong attempt to position Roman Reigns as their “NEXT” mega star for a while now. The creative team has made it a top priority to make sure that he looks strong on his way to the mountain top. While plenty of fans agree to disagree on Reigns’ chances as a main event star right now, my beliefs have also changed over the last couple of weeks.

He has the potential to be a major player in WWE for years to come despite the hate he receives from the fans. Maybe Vince McMahon should let him embrace the hate. Maybe McMahon should turn Reigns heel? In an interview before WrestleMania, Reigns referred to fans that dislike him as “Haters” because they’ve never stepped in the ring. It’s safe to say that comment rubbed a few the wrong way.

Even though Roman is a babyface, that type of interview response is a prime example of why he would make a great heel. It would be easy to dislike his arrogance. When The Rock made his debut, fans despised him. Who could ever forget the “Die Rocky Die” chants?

It seemed as if he would never achieve the super stardom that he has attained now until WWE allowed him to embrace the hate. There are some who say Reigns is limited in the ring and his promo skills are average at best. The women and children love his superhero persona while some male fans have a disdain for his push to the moon. Does this sound like anyone familiar?

John Cena, a man whose name brings upon a polarizing response. Cena has been the “FACE” of  WWE for over a decade. Fans, including myself wanted McMahon to turn him heel and embrace the hate. Since that will never happen, turning Reigns heel would be a great substitute. What about giving Roman a lengthy run with the Intercontinental Championship since he’s on his way to the top anyway?

With a roster filled with main event babyfaces the company will need another dominant heel other than Seth Rollins in the main event. Rollins and Reigns have unfinished business anyway.

Rollins not only destroyed The Shield but stole the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Reigns at WrestleMania. A match between two former members of The Shield would be emotional and box office worthy. In my opinion, heel or face the coronation of “The Roman Empire” shouldn’t come until WrestleMania 32. He needs more time to hone his skills before he’s crowned as “The Next Big Thing.”

Turning heel turn would probably be the last option for WWE. Picture this, Reigns turns and takes his frustration out on our WWE heroes? Forming a me against the word mindset could be the final ingredient to put Reigns at the top of the World Heavyweight Championship picture believe that.

So should Roman Reigns turn heel? How would you book Reigns in 2015? Leave your comments below, and follow me on Twitter @BTRWatson.

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