Natural Heel: How WWE Can Capitalize On The Diva’s Revolution


How can the Divas Revolution succeed?

It all started in a few weeks ago Atlanta. Women’s wrestling in WWE has taken on a new strength, and many won’t admit it, but it has stolen the show. Charlotte (daughter of the legendary Hall of Fame Icon Ric Flair), Becky Lynch (the fiery Irish lass who has been in the business since her teens, competing around the world), and Sasha Banks, who currently holds the NXT Women’s Championship.

All three made their main roster debut in Atlanta on Raw and the ovation was insane. In that one segment, the diva’s division went from bland and boring to an arena at full capacity fans chanting “this is awesome”. There is so much that could be done in this division now thanks to the great competition between the teams and individuals.

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The ladies of WWE have been separated into three teams, Team One has WWE Divas Champ Nikki Bella, her twin sister Brie, and Alicia Foxx. While team two, consists of Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch. The Divas many in the media view as the underdog (which I don’t agree with at all) Team B.A.D. is made up of Naomi, Tamina, and the NXT Women’s Champ Sasha Banks.

In my opinion, a true revolution doesn’t start until a turnover is made with the championship. I’d definitely look into setting up a Diva’s tag team title. I think that it would bring even greater legitimacy to the division through the recognition the talent calls for. I also feel like there should be another Diva’s babyface team.

As of now, “Team Bella” and “Team B.A.D.” are the heels while “PCB” are the only faces in this revolution. I’m not saying Nikki Bella’s title reign has been awful, she’s improved a lot as champion. My question is if the main objective of this new direction is to have totally control of the diva’s championship why not crown a new champion?

I personally feel “Team Bella” and “PCB” should be the chaser’s in the title picture. Naomi is my pick to be the diva’s champion right now. Now before anyone starts to send me hate mail for that statement, let me explain. Without question the leader of Team B.A.D. is the most athletic diva on WWE’s roster, yet she’s never won the diva’s title.

Putting the title around a solid worker like Naomi proves the company’s faith in the revolution. It also puts trust in a new champion that could give the title the prestige it desperately needs. I really hope we are now going to see the divas competing in real feuds with one another. Feuds that might escalate to gimmick matches outside of the usual evening gown/bra and panties affairs we’ve been accustomed to since the Attitude Era.

Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, Paige, Naomi, and Nikki have a huge chance to make their mark on the business, and make history. Today’s diva’s could raise the bar like their predecessors never had a chance to. It is only a matter of time, before WWE starts testing the waters with some of these ideas – and who’s to say they can’t steal the show at a pay-per-view like they’ve done on NXT?

Sherron’s Final Thought: There are some completely uncharted territory in terms of what WWE fans have already seen and what they have yet to see when it comes to women, and the company has a great opportunity to showcase their talents in matches slightly more imaginative than another Divas battle royal. I’m talking about seeing them in Cage matches, Tables matches, I quit matches etc. The possibilities feel almost endless.

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