Natural Heel Column: Who Should Win the Fatal 4-Way at SummerSlam?


The Power of Positively must regain their titles at SummerSlam in the fatal 4-way for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods have a fresh opportunity at SummerSlam this Sunday. They’ll get their shot in a fatal-four way match against the Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores and the defending champion Primetime Players. Hold on a second; I stated trio. Aren’t tag teams supposed to be a duo of wrestlers?

That’s part of what makes New Day interesting. All three men have participated in tag team matches for the tag titles. While Kofi and Big E handled the majority of bouts, Woods and Big E were on the losing end against the Prime Time Players at Money in the Bank.

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Just being a trio doesn’t make them special but what makes them unique is their chemistry. This was a group destined to be one of the most popular factions in WWE today. Just ask Vince McMahon. However, we can all agree it turned out better for them in the end.

New Day succeeded with their heel turn. Now, there’s only one logical step. New Day must regain the tag titles at WWE SummerSlam. One must wonder why they lost the titles in the first place. No one should fret because PTP are an entertaining tag team.

In fact, the rivalry between them and New Day make the tag titles look better. Think about when the tag team division was at its peak. Teams like the Dudley Boyz, Hardyz and Edge & Christian swapped tag team gold frequently.

No one should have a problem with rivalries and we all know competition makes television exciting. This is no different with New Day and the PTP.  They’ve been feuding for two months, which shows that the longevity these two teams have. It shouldn’t end at SummerSlam, either.

New Day is very similar to Primetime Players in terms of athleticism and chemistry. They both boast powerhouses in Big E and Titus O’Neil, respectively. Both teams get the crowd going, albeit in different ways. People jeer New Day just as loud as they cheer for the tag team champions, which speaks volumes in their staying power.

Now is the time to capitalize, specifically SummerSlam. New Day enters this match as the only clear-cut heel team. Everyone else is part of the good guys. It wouldn’t really make sense to put the titles on any of the other teams. It might work if WWE plans to turn the Primetime Players heel, but it wouldn’t be a good idea.

The champs have a strong chance of retaining even though the odds are against them. This brings New Day into the picture. They can get their titles back without pinning the defending champions. It would keep the rivalry going and both teams relevant.

This also would mean New Day torturing PTP after their possible victory. It truly doesn’t get more annoying than sore winners rubbing in their win in their opponents’ faces. New Day must regain the tag titles at SummerSlam.

Sherron’s Final Thought: This charismatic heel trio deserves to wreak havoc in a gestating tag team division. New Day is the workhorse team who can breathe new life in this division. Frankly, New Day can only achieve that goal as tag team champions.

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