WWE SummerSlam 2015: Should Sheamus Cash-in Money in the Bank?


Should Sheamus cash-in Money in the Bank at WWE SummerSlam?

Sheamus’ surprising victory at Money in the Bank has resulted in this question being asked a number of times since the Celtic Warrior brought down the golden briefcase. When will Sheamus cash-in?

A better question might be, when should Sheamus cash-in? The art of a successful cash-in (and by that I mean the reaction from the audience and the magnitude of the moment) is all about timing. Take a look at the greatest cash-in to date, Seth Rollins. That moment at WrestleMania is not only one of the greatest cash-ins of all time, but it could go down as an all-time great WrestleMania moment. The key to that being what it is today, was the timing.

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Sheamus is not a fan favorite by any means and a cash-in by him has to be handled with great care. Fans will not take too kindly to Sheamus cashing-in on Rollins if “The Architect” were to beat John Cena in a rather clean-ish matter.

Rollins is a fan favorite, despite his heel-ish nature, and fans will be sure to ruin any potential moment that they want to create with Sheamus.

And if the heel Sheamus cashes in on the now 16-time World Champion John Cena, the heel Sheamus will get cheered by the smarky Barclays Center crowd.  It’s a slippery slope for those in charge of the booking decisions.

There is also the added stipulation of two championships being on the line. That variable makes a cash-in even harder, with whoever gets cashed-in on still holding the United States Championship. Having that extra championship in the mix complicates the booking post-SummerSlam. Would Rollins/Cena get a rematch for the championship, even though they have the United States Championship? That would keep the two titles locked together as part of a storyline, which doesn’t make too much long-term sense.

If they really want to force the cash-in, there needs to be a rather dirty finish where the match doesn’t end with a pinfall or submission, and both men keep onto their current championships.

Sheamus will obviously has to cash-in at some point, whether it’s a successful one or not. And with him already having a match with Randy Orton earlier in the night, it could be setting up for the “surprise” finish.

So putting all that together, cashing in is a bad short-term and long-term move by the WWE. At least at SummerSlam. There will be a time and a place for Sheamus to become the champion that we don’t want. That place is not SummerSlam. Cena and Rollins need to have their match, and probably at least one more before we see Sheamus try to force his way into the title scene.

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